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Star Wars Q&A with Geek Mash!

With Star Wars Force Awakens just around the corner, I thought I would do a Q&A with the rest of the Geek Mash crew and see what they thought about Star Wars with a few questions about the series. Star Wars Force Awakens is going to be the biggest movie released this year, and has generated a massive amount of hype ever since the initial teaser was released at the end of 2014. The movie has already sold millions of tickets from pre-bookings, merchandise is absolutely everywhere and is definitely shaping up to be the most anticipated movie in the last few years. 

The franchise has been around since 1977 with Star wars IV: A New Hope, which was followed after with two more successful movies which holds one of the most famous lines in movie history "I am your father". In 1999, George Lucas brought back the series with the first movie called The Phantom Menace this didn't hold well with fans taking away the charm from the original movies being mainly in CGI and followed up with another two movies being only slightly better than the one before but still not holding the same charm from the original trilogy. 

Thankfully in 2012, George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.05 billion. Disney soon announced three new films in the franchise, promising fans that they will honour the original movies. We're all hoping that Star Wars Force Awakens is a credit to the series which brings the franchise back on track.

I hope you enjoy the answers from myself (Casey), Brad, Kayleigh and Neil. 

Who introduced you to the Star Wars series?

Brad: It would most probably be my brother as he and my sister were huge fans growing up, but my brother stayed a fan. He had lots of the figures and vehicles. 

Kayleigh: I think it might of been my dad. 

Neil: My Dad. He really loves the Star Wars films so my sister and I were subjected to them pretty regularly. I really loved them when I was younger, I think that it was my first introduction to the Science Fiction genre and I embraced it wholeheartedly. 

Casey: It was my dad like all the others. As soon as i watched the first movie I was hooked and had to watch the others. Of course, like every other kid, as soon as I ended the movie, I was running around pretending to be a Jedi 

What is your favourite movie of the franchise? 

Brad: Return of the Jedi, it was actually the first part I ever saw when it was shown on Boxing Day on itv back in 1989 and I recorded it on VHS to watch back. I would eventually wear out the tape with the amount of times I watched it, fast forwarding all of the Boxing Day sale adverts. 

Kayleigh: I need to watch them again to decide really. It's been far too long! I will now that the new one is coming out! I need a refresher. 

Neil: A New Hope is best film in the series. It sets up the franchise and would be good as a standalone film. 

Casey: Hard choice, but I think I have to say Empire Strikes Back. It just has such a great twist that I didn't see coming when I was a kid. 

Who is your favourite character? 

Brad: Probably Yoda. He starts out as this mischievous little thing, whacking R2 on the head and poking fun at Luke, and then he shows his wise side, giving out advise on the force. It's weird to think but I actually just had recollections of my Gran just then, how she would always have a jokey side with much sageness. 

Kayleigh: Erm...Han Solo? Gotta love a cocky character, and it's Harrison Ford, dammit! 

Neil: Difficult question really. I'm tempted to say none of them. Maybe Darth Vader because he's awesome? 

Casey: It has to be Luke. I just love seeing characters grow, and you see him go from just a normal teenager on Tatooine to a Jedi Knight fighting the Empire. 

What is your favourite side story in the Star Wars universe (canon or main story)? 

Brad: There's actually a really cool series of comics called "Star Wars Infinities" which dealt with alternate universe stories, something which I cannot get enough of. Each one was a direct sequel to the film that preceded it, rather than follow on from the previous comics In A New Hope, Luke failed his Death Star trench run and the story shows the repercussions of that In Empire Strikes Back, Luke dies on Hoth freezing to death early on and in Jedi, C3PO gets damaged in Jabbas Palace, meaning there's no translator for Leia as Boushh so she has to reveal herself early on It's cool to see the main stories we love played out in different ways 

Kayleigh: I'm not the worlds biggest expert on Star Wars (says the girl answering a Star Wars Q&A). I haven't seen the series since I was a kid. I am in definite need of a refresher watch, which I plan to do soon! 

Neil: Since I can go into non-canon I really like the Doctor Ball, M.D. from Robot Chicken. However, I also like the Darth Revan storyline from Kinghts of the Old Republic. 

Casey: For me has to be when we find out Darth Maul is still alive and is half robot, and he plots his plan for revenge. 

Favourite Star Wars game? 

Brad: I could go either with the classic game Knights of the Old Republic, set 10,000 years before the Battle of Yavin we follow the story of someone with a bad case of amnesia, who keeps getting Force visions. It's a great RPG from the same guys that did Mass Effect or Episode 1 Pod Racer Yes it may have been a crappy film, but the pod racing games on the N64, PC and huge cockpit versions in the arcade were a joy to play. 

Kayleigh: I used to play Rogue Leader on the GameCube. Never played any other Star Wars games, although I have been enjoying playing some multiplayer on Battlefront with Casey. 

Neil: Knights of the Old Republic from Bioware is the best Star Wars game of all time! It has a great story and is a wonderful RPG game. Plus you make Zaalbar kill Mission Vao which is the best thing ever. Such betrayal! One of the only games I have played where you can be the bad guy in such effective ways. Bioware are really good at that. 

Casey: It has to be Rogue Squadron 2 on the Gamecube. I loved flying around in the many different vehicles and trying to beat my score every time. I replayed the missions so many times, it was addictive for me. 

Would you be light or dark side? 

Brad: Light side. 

Kayleigh: Light. I can't imagine being a bad person =) 

Neil: i would be on the Dark Side of the force but I would fight alongside the Rebel Alliance. 

Casey: Light side, as nothing every beats the light side in the end. 

If you could only have one Jedi power, what would it be and why? 

Brad: Tapas. A wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or hot (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squid) In the Star Wars Universe however it is a power to control your body heat in extremely cold temperatures It would be really useful to have as I'm already mostly there anyway with all of my body fur like Chewbacca 

Kayleigh: As someone who hasn't seen the Star Wars films since being a kid, I actually can't remember what Jedi powers there are (sorry fans!). After a cheeky Google (again, my apologies), I think I'd go with the Force Heal. My ankles aren't particularly strong, I get a lot of pain from them and go over on them a lot. It would be nice to sort myself out a bit!

Neil: I would have the Force Telekinesis power where I can grab things from across the room and shove people away from a distance. That's just practical! 

Casey: I would choose the Telekinesis power, as it would be so handy around the house being able to bring everything to you. out of toilet paper and need some from the downstairs toilet? No problem! =) 

Where would you visit first if you could go anywhere in the Star Wars universe? 

Brad: The forests of Endor, so I could practise on my speeder bike. 

Kayleigh: The forests of Endor to see the Ewoks. They're kinda cute. 

Neil: I would probably go to Alderan. You'd want to visit that as quickly as you could otherwise you might miss the opportunity... 

Casey: Endor as I love exploring forests and nothing beats that plus cute Ewoks. 

Favourite alien design?

Brad: The Biths from Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, these are the guys that are playing in the Cantina. It's an interesting design, what are they playing with? Their mouths? Their anuses? From the design you can't tell. 

Kayleigh: Yoda. 

Neil: The design on Yoda is amazing. One of the best Aliens in all of Star Wars. Although, I am a Jim Henson fanboy so I probably would say that. 

Casey: Jar Jar Binks, haha just kidding. Have to be Jabba the Hutt. He just so gross but yet I want to give him a hug. 

Favourite ship/vehicle? 
Brad: A Wing for ship, love that wedge design and it was mostly featured in Return of the Jedi and vehicle would have to be speeder bike. 

Kayleigh: I like the AT-AT because it looks like a dog 

Neil: My favourite ship/vehicle is the Death Star. There aren't a lot of vehicles that can cause millions of voices to suddenly cry out in terror but the Death Star can. They should probably put some kind of reinforced grate on the exhaust pipes though. 

Casey: I love the X-Wing design. It just looks so cool and the way it opens up to attack mode. 

What colour lightsaber would you choose? 

Brad: Controversial choice but I'm going with orange. It's not your standard colour, but is my favourite colour and you get to wield it in various games including Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Academy. 

Kayleigh: Purple! Just because that's my favourite colour. :) 

Neil: Black if it's available - purple if it's not. 

Casey: Would have to be either blue, as it's my favourite colour, or red. 

So there you have it, our answers and a little insight into what we think about the Star Wars series. 

What would your answers be? 
 Leave them in the comments section below! 

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