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Wait....Haven't I Heard That Before? Part 2


A lot of songs sound familiar, but on many occasions it's because that song not only sounds like an old song, but it has taken parts of it and remixed them

These aren't classed as parodies or cover songs but there are enough of them to make a post about them (well, 3 to be exact)

Come have a listen as I look at some more of these songs

Part 1Part 3

Picture Book
Walkie Talkie Man

I first discovered the song Walkie Talkie Man by playing the Elite Beat Agents game on the Nintendo DS

What I DIDN'T realise was that the riff in this is almost identical to the Kinks song

Pump It

Misirlou is a traditional Eastern Mediterranean song with the earliest recording being from Egypt in 1919

The song gained worldwide popularity through the 1962 rock version and was revitalised again when featured in Pulp Fiction

and the Black Eyed Peas took it for their song, as they've been known to do with other songs (See Part 1 HERE)

Kingston Town
Stars Are Blind

Kingston Town is a classic reggae song

Paris Hilton came along and ruined it

How Sweet To Be An Idiot

Neil Innes, formerly of The Bonzo Dog Band and The Rutles released this in 1973

Oasis "borrowed" the melody of the song, to which Innes claimed plagiarism and as a result now receives co-writing credit and royalties

Are You My Woman
Crazy In Love

Crazy in Love is an R+B and pop love song that incorporates hip-hop, soul and 70s style funk

Rich Harrison sampled the horn hook from the original song and waited for the right artist to come along which was Beyoncé

She was hesitant at first until Rich wrote some of the verses for her whilst suffering from a major hangover

I like this guy :D

Attack Of The Name Game

I thought Heartbreaker was an originally written song, until I discovered the entire song was based around the hook of Attack of the Name Game

Get It On
Cigarettes and Alcohol

Another Oasis track heavily borrowing from T-Rex

Fun Fact: Elton John wanted to appear on T-Rex's Top of the Pop showing, when the song has no piano in it whatsoever

Father and Son
Fight Test

From Wikipedia

In an interview with The Guardian, front man Wayne Coyne stated
I want to go on record for the first time and say  I really apologize for the whole thing. I really love Cat Stevens. I truly respect him as a great singer-songwriter. And now he wants his money. There was a time during the recording when we said, this has a similarity to 'Father and Son'. Then we purposefully changed those bits. But I do regret not contacting his record company and asking their opinion. Maybe we could have gone 50–50. As it is, Cat Stevens is now getting 75 per cent of royalties from 'Fight Test', We could easily have changed the melody but we didn't. I am really sorry that Cat Stevens thinks I'm purposefully plagiarising his work. I am ashamed. There is obviously a fine line between being inspired and stealing. But if anyone wanted to borrow part of a Flaming Lips song, I don't think I'd bother pursuing it. I've got better things to do. Anyway, Cat Stevens is never going to make much money out of us.

Got to Give Up
Blurred Lines

Unfortunately this has also resulted in a lawsuit, but so much so that the original song has been removed from Youtube. Only a 20 second version is available or tons of covers

and Blurred Lines is just a sexist song which is why I am including this far superior parody from Weird Al Yankovic

Big Pimpin'

Another song dispute that went to the courts in 2007 and again for a mash up version of Big Pimpin' and Paper Cut by Linkin Park

Together Again
Bridge Zone

Bridge zone was the 2nd zone in the Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic The Hedgehog, with a really annoying auto scrolling level in act 2. I mean who puts an auto-scroll level in a Sonic game!?

I along with many fans think that it sounds like this Janet Jackson song

Planet Earth
Final Zone

Another Sonic the Hedgehog game, this time the Megadrive/Genesis version

The intros sound EXACTLY the same

So what do you think of the list?

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