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Why South Park - Bigger Longer and Uncut is THE Best Film of All Time!


    It just is...

    Oh you want me to make the argument for it?

    Here we go then...

    So as a kid I me and fellow Geek Masher Danto were obsessed with the series South Park

    It came to a point where one day I think we must have watched the entire first series in a day.

    So when the film came out to say we were excited was an understatement. We obsessed over the story even though we had heard nothing about it, imagining potential storylines 

    • What would it be about?
    • How many times would Kenny die throughout the film? 
    • Which guest characters would we see, Mr Hankey? Terrence and Phillip?

    And then came the day of seeing the actual film

    The film was rated 15 and I was that age but Danto and another friend, Joseph, were only 13 and it was a risk them buying tickets. So I bought them for them. When it came time for them to come into the cinema a couple of minutes later you have never seen a couple of teens acting so awkwardly, it was obvious they were under age the minute they walked in but the staff didn't say anything about it

    So we sat down and got some trailers, I can't remember which but it must have been for Star Wars The Phantom Menace and Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me

    Then the film started with an awesome opening number, which re-introduces the 4 main kids and their parents, along with the attitudes of the town

    Okay so the kids are off to see the new Terrence and Phillip movie but have to get an adult to get them into the theatre for them to see it

    I was totally tripping balls at this point, my mind wasn't totally in the movie yet and I was worrying we would still get caught

    Was I just imagining this and I would snap out of it?


    Anyway, the kids see the movie which is full of expletives and toilet humour and the kids start using it in real life

    BTW, fellow Geek Mashers Kayleigh and Casey have re-enacted this song when they've had too much cheese

    The kids parents find out about this and try to stop the kids from going to see it again but they go anyway

    Kenny ends up setting himself on fire by lighting his fart and dies at the hospital

    This is where the story really takes off and we learn some important lessons

    It's SPOILERS from here on out so...



    Still here? Good

    What would Brian Boitano do?

    No not Brian Dennehy, Fuck off!

    Brian Boitano is an ice skater, and the kids use him as their own moral compass. He can do no wrong in their eyes and is someone to stand up to

    It's an important factor to have

    Abusive relationships can happen to anyone

    So at at the beginning that Saddam Hussein was killed by a pack of wild boars

    After Kenny sets himself on fire and goes to Hell we learn that Satan is in a relationship with Saddam Hussein

    We've seen Satan in the series before, and he's seen as more of a sympathetic character after God sent him down to Hell to rule

    Throughout the film we see Saddam treating Satan as underneath him, and belittling him whenever Satan tries to bring up their relationship and whether Saddam really loves him

    Satan finally snaps and ends it

    The levels of censorship are insane

    The South Park parents have gone to extremes time and time again

    What's the big fucking deal, bitch?

    It's to show us that the level the parents go to to protect their kids from swearing and potty humour and is NOT OKAY

    Kyle's Mum finds Cartman singing about her and calling her a bitch so they decide to put a v-chip inside him, something that will give him an electric shock everytime he swears, basically torture therapy which Cartman has no control over

    They outright ban the film and arrest Terrance and Phillip who Canada relies on for their economy

    It just escalates and the Canadians end up bombing the Baldwin family

    America then declares war on Canada and plan to kill Terrance and Phillip for their war crimes

    "Horrific, deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don't say any naughty words." That is what this war is all about!

    Luckily Cartman's mum sees the error of her ways, but after she accidently allows enough tolerance in the world to free Satan and Saddam from Hell

    It all turns out okay in the end

    The Soundtrack

    The music in the film was all written by Trey Parker, and the rest of the soundtrack has tracks inspired by the film, including cover versions by Nappy Roots, Kid Rock and Joe C, RuPaul and one from Trey and Matts own band D.V.D.A.

    "Up There" is a big ballad song from Satan, influenced by "Part of Your World" in The Little Mermaid and "Out There" from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and really humanises Satan

    "La Resistance" is heavily influenced by Les Miserables song "One Day More" with its medley going on showing everything coming together in the movie to that point

    and "Blame Canada" was even Oscar nominated, but "You'll Be In My Heart" from the Disney Tarzan film won instead

    My favourite of which though is the "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" cover by D.V.D.A which plays during the credits. Me and my friends always reference this song, especially Neil of Geek Mash with the line - "I've Never Seen a Man Eat So Many chicken wings"

    The Voice Cast

    So the normal series has had some awesome guest stars and the film is no exception!

    Isaac Hayes as Chef

    The go to guy whenever the kids get in trouble or have a question, voiced by Mr Shaft himself.

    He's in the normal series too, but deserves a mention

    George Clooney as Dr. Gouache

    The incompetent, over dramatic Dr. that accidently replaces Kenny's heart with a baked potato

    Mike Judge as Kenny (Unhooded)

    You'd know him better as Beavis and Butthead, or Hank Hill from King of the Hill

    Eric Idle as Dr. Vosknocker

    The guy who installs the v-chip into Cartman

    Awesome Quotes

    This movie is full of 'em, here are some examples

    Mr.Garrison: Eric! Did you just say the F-Word!?
    Cartman: ....Jew?

    Stan: Chef, how do you make a woman like you more than any other guy?

    Chef: Oh, that's easy! You just gotta find the clitoris!
    Stan: Huh?
    Chef: Ooops!

    Tom Pusslicker: But Mr. Minister, it isn't like this film is the first troublesome thing to come out of Canada. Let us not forget Bryan Adams

    Minister: Now, now. The Canadian government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions.

    Brooke Shields: I farted once on the set of Blue Lagoon.

    Phillip: ........*Slaps*

    Chef: Have you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?

    General: I don't listen to hip-hop

    General: Oh, what's wrong with this thing? Fuckin' Windows '98! Get Bill Gates in here. You told us Windows '98 would be faster, and more efficient, with better access to the Internet!

    Bill Gates: It is faster, over 5 millio- *Gets shot in the face*

    Kyle's Mum: ..When Canada is dead and gone there'll be no more Celine Dion!

    The Mole: Did you bring ze mirror?

    Stan: Got it
    The Mole: and the rope?
    Stan: Check

    The Mole: And the buttfor?
    Stan: What's a buttfor?
    The Mole: For pooping, silly

    Cartman: Fuck! Shit! Cock! Ass! Titties! Boner! Bitch! Muff! Pussy! Cock! Butthole! Barbra Streisand!

    Bonus Trivia

    In Guinness World Records 2001, this film was said to have the most profanity used in an animated film. The book cited a total of 399 swear words, including 146 uses of the word "fuck", along with 199 offensive gestures and 221 acts of violence. 

    Parker, Stone, and fans in general often joke that a majority of the people who saw this film were under 17, and got in by buying tickets to the PG-13 rated Will Smith flop Wild Wild West (1999), the urban legend became so popular in 1999 that the show would spoof the controversy in an episode of the show. 

    Parker and Stone did not need to get Brian Boitano's permission to use his name and likeness for the song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?". A few years later, Boitano DID need to get (and received) Parker and Stone's permission to use the phrase on T-shirts that he sold for charity.

    The song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" is a reference to the original Christmas Card "The Spirit of Christmas" which was the inspiration for the South Park (1997) series. In the short, Stan asks Cartman, "What would Brian Boitano do?" when Jesus is fighting Santa. 

    During the scene where South Park residents are burning everything Canadian, the soldiers in the background are named 'Wright' 'Floyd' and 'Mason', referencing drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright, both of the band Pink Floyd. 

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone watched the second time in 2009 for a commentary track for the Blu-Ray release and both admitted to having no recollection of making the film due to their busy schedule.

    According to a pie chart, the entire Canadian economy is based on Terrance and Philip, the snow ball machine, the tourist industry, the log industry, the porn industry, the "Dion Fish" industry, and filming The X-Files

    Cartman calls "The Mole" (the French boy) British. On the TV show, he called Pip (the English boy) French

    When Sheila Broflofski holds up the newspaper article about Terrance and Phillip being on the Conan O'Brien show, there are other headlines which reference episodes of the show, including "It's Raining Frogs!", "Christians Agree: Guns Are Nifty", and "Poop Ruled Edible"

    Post film

    South Park carried on as usual and is still carrying on

    The film came out after the third series and is currently on the 19th

    The episodes have also got an extremely quick turnaround, it takes them a week to make just one episode so they can keep up to date with all the news and current events

    The film is also one I regularly watch at least yearly, along with my fellow Geek Mashers and we are endlessly quoting the film

    Plus the soundtrack I listen to at least once a week if not more

    So what do you think of the post?

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