Monday, 29 February 2016

My Favourite Telltale Games

Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter will probably realise by now that I love Telltale Games. Although I had played Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max beforehand (and enjoyed both), my love of this company really came to fruition upon the release of Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

Whilst The Walking Dead remains my favourite, I am still enjoying each series they are releasing lately. Due to this, I decided that perhaps it is about time I wrote something about them. So, in order, here are my favourite games from this 'interactive storytelling' company.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Pokémon 20th Anniversary

It's Pokémons 20th Anniversary today

The original games Red and Green were released in Japan on the 27th of February 1996

The Blue version was released a year later with graphical updates and the versions released in the West as Red and Blue were based on this game

The series has gone on to spawn lots of iterations, spin offs, tv series and merchandise and it has become a phenomenon across the world 

So as the saying goes "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" and there are currently 721 of the critters and that number will only increase with the newly announced Sun and Moon versions.

With that announcement plus the originals just released on the 3DS it is a great time to be a fan of all things Pokémon

So here at Geek Mash we put our collective heads together to answer some Questions about this great series

Friday, 26 February 2016

Guest Blog: 4 Tips on Making A Short Film

It's John Montana of No Title Production Films!

Making a short film, or any film for that matter can be a lot of amazing fun. But most of the time, making a movie is very stressful and filled with problems. I recently made my most recent short film called HUNGRY…a wicked, humorous, little piece on the greed that is rampant at Christmas. I was able to shoot it in early February 2015. And I have to say, even though I had prepared for everything, (or thought I had), the shoot was very rough. Here are the major issues that came up and what I learned from it for my next shoot.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Geek Mash's Top 100 Games

Last year a games magazine called Edge published a special edition of their magazine with their top 100 games of all time. I think it's safe to say that it proved to be somewhat controversial sparking some excellent discussions.

This got me wondering what would the Geek Mash team consider their top 100 games of all time? The majority of the Geek Mash crew were able to contribute and I think the list we've created is full of fantastic games.

Each contributing member nominated 20 games to add to the list and we then scored each game out of 10. This explains why some of your favourite niche games might be lower on the list where as the larger, more popular games are at the top of the list. It also explains why there are a lot of games that are ranked in the same position. Seriously, 7 games tied for the 58th position is a little silly, but then again, why not?

So here is an ordered list of our favourite games, ranked in a collaborative order. Personally, I think that all of the games on this list are worth your time and you should at least give them a go.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kayleigh Unboxes the Sherlock Limited Edition Set!

I recently bought the Sherlock Limited Edition Gift Set! Originally £124.99, with a discount code on the BBC website, I picked this up for only £24.99. Bargain!

Check out my unboxing below:

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My History with The Legend of Zelda Series

We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series this year. Therefore, I thought I would write an overview of my history with the series, discussing where I started, my favourite in the series and more. 

Let’s begin with my first encounter with the series. Most of the fans would say they started with the original on the Nes, but I didn’t own a Nes or a SNes, so I couldn’t play The Legend of Zelda I or II, as well as A Link to the Past. 

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 

I played my first Zelda game on the original Gameboy. I didn’t get the Gameboy on launch day here in the UK. I got my lovely grey brick of a Gameboy at a bootsale which my parents bought for me with loads of games for my birthday one year. 

One of them games I recieved was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. At this time, I didn’t even know about the franchise, I just thought it was standalone game in my collection. As I was very young at this time,  I didn’t really know how to play the game. I just ran around a lot, cutting grass, killing enemies and getting enough rupees to play the crane game to get that cuddly Yoshi. I went all over the place in the game, but I never got to the first dungeon. However, as a kid exploring his first venture into the Zelda series, I still enjoyed what I did play. I have since played this on the 3DS port.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Top 10 Couples in Video Games

Hello Geek Mash fans! Sorry for not being active lately. Me and Kayleigh moved in together recently, so we have been a bit hectic getting it all sorted. Now that we finally have the internet sorted and the house tidied up, I can finally write again. 

It's Valentines Day, so I thought I would write a list of the Top 10 Couples in Games. This list doesn’t include almost-couples like Zelda and Link, even though we want them to be together. They have to be dating at some point in the series to make it!

So here’s my Top 10 Couples in Video Games:

10.Dom and Maria (Gears of War)

Dom has been in the Gears of War franchise from the very first game as Marcus’s main sidekick. Together, they helped to take out the horrible Locusts and trying to save humanity. 

While trying to save humanity, Dom was also trying to find his wife Maria who went missing. Tragedy hits though when he finally finds her in a Locust prison where she is so skinny and scared that she can’t even recognise her own husband. Sadly, Dom shoots his own wife to end her misery. It is a very sad moment in the game, which prevents a happy ending for the couple, whilst showing how evil the Locusts were.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Brads Top 10's - Lists


We all love a good list here at Geek Mash and if you search the internet for lists you'll come across loads of examples

One of the most famous is with its countless list of facts and trivia

In this post I take a look at the most known lists and my favourite examples

10. Schindlers List

Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson in this is about a greedy businessman in World War II who feels compelled to become a humanitarian by turning his factory into a place for refugee Jews

The lists refer to the names of the Jewish people that he saved

The film is filmed in black and white but uses some startling colour with the girls coat

You can learn some more facts about Schindler's List HERE

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Happy Birthday Monopoly!

It's Monopoly's 81st Birthday today (06/02/2016)

The game originated in 1903 and was made to demonstrate that an economy that which rewards wealth creation is better than one in which monopolists work under few constraints

The current version was first pubished in 1935 and has gone on to be locally licensed in more than 103 countries and printed in more than 37 languages

It's had countless licenses attached to it, including The Simpsons, different football teams both in the UK and US, Nightmare Before Christmas and Star Wars

The game also has had variations on the normal rules including a version that deals with electronic banking and bank cards, a kids version to make the game easier and a new round variation in the new Star Wars set

I take a look at some of my favourite and least favourite things associated with the game

Favourite Spot On The Board

Any spot past Go--->

Go is a wonderful spot on the board, but you don't get that much needed kerching until you go past it

So if you land on it you don't get your money until you roll again, but if you ever roll a 4 from Go--->, you know you're fucked because...

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