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Brads Top 10's - Lists


We all love a good list here at Geek Mash and if you search the internet for lists you'll come across loads of examples

One of the most famous is with its countless list of facts and trivia

In this post I take a look at the most known lists and my favourite examples

10. Schindlers List

Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson in this is about a greedy businessman in World War II who feels compelled to become a humanitarian by turning his factory into a place for refugee Jews

The lists refer to the names of the Jewish people that he saved

The film is filmed in black and white but uses some startling colour with the girls coat

You can learn some more facts about Schindler's List HERE

9. Transfer List

These guys would so totally go on my Fantasy Football team amongst Godzilla, Neo from The Matrix, Hot Rod the Transformer and a Unicorn

What do you mean Fantasy Football only involves normal players? That's not Fantasy AT ALL

So as I understand it, not being a fan of Football, a Transfer List is when you want to sell a player on to another team because Footballers and managers are money grabbing scum when the money should be going to better places like hospitals, schools and my local Whorehouse

So a Football player goes to the highest bidder or whatever, I don't know, I didn't do the research because it's football

8. Rules of the Internet

Basically like the Bible's 10 Commandments, but for the Internet

Originally created by the Internet group Anonymous, the list has become famous among users for two particular rules

Rule 34 - If it exists, then there is porn of it. Yes, that. Again, even that. Even that, although why you would think of that is your own problem you complete sicko


Rule 63 - Gender swap. Male characters like Mario, Sonic and Link are created as highly sexualised female versions and vice versa. This has come into canon in some media including a female clone of Wolverine in X-Men named X-23 and has been used in a lot of alternate universe stories

7. The UK Top 40 Chart

So every sunday in the UK when I was growing up I would look forward to listening to the charts to see if the latest single I bought that week would be in the top ten, or to record the other tracks I hadn't bought to put on a compilation tape, hoping to stop the song before the annoying DJ started talking again

The most famous week in the charts is Christmas week, to reach that coveted #1 in the chart of which you can check out my favourite Christmas and Non Christmas hits HERE

Sadly me and a lot of my friends don't recognise anything in the chart at all which has since moved to Friday instead of Sunday

None of us cared...

6. Guest List

A lot of people want to be on guest lists for varying reasons

It means you're important
See the latest film before release
Get into venues before they open to the public

One way to get into those guest lists is with a bribe like Jim Carrey here in The Mask

5. Brad's Top 10 Spidey Costumes

My very first post for Geek Mash and one I'm very proud of featuring my favourite Spidey costumes over the years

You can check it out *shameless plug* HERE

4. Shopping List

One of, if not THE most famous list on this list

Everyone has written a shopping list at one point in their lives, if not a weekly shopping list then it would be a shopping list for a party with stuff like drinks and snacks on it, or a Christmas shopping list for food and presents you are buying loved ones

Speaking of Christmas...

3. Santa's Naughty or Nice List


You had better be Nice, otherwise Father Christmas won't bring you all the toys and gifts you've asked for on your Christmas Wish List

If you've been naughty it's likely you'll just be given some coal, or like I did one Christmas a bloody nose, as Santa had punched me in the face because of how naughty I had been that year

It's known that Santa is checking his list twice but it's actually more than that due to his crippling OCD

2. Christmas Wish List

Ah the wish list, full of hope at a magical Christmas

This particular list is Kayleigh's of Geek Mash

There were always those one or two major items each year that would sell out and parents would pull each others hair out in the shops trying to get a hold of it so they don't disappoint their child

Famous sold out toys over the years have included Buzz Lightyear, the Thunderbirds Tracey Island and those fucking annoying as shit Furbies, sorry Kay :D

If you were a kid in the 80s and 90s it's likely that, like me, you got the Argos catalogue and circled the items you wanted or wrote down the page numbers

Here's another shameless plug for you with 5 items from the 1986 Argos Catalogue that I had which you can check out HERE

1. The Pokédex

The Pokédex is THE number one item a Pokémon trainer needs, well...apart from his balls

You learn everything you need to be a trainer in this, and you gradually fill it up to completion, apart from the newer games as they now have around 721 Pokémon so fuck that

The Dex shows interesting facts about the various creatures in the World, their battle cry, their height and weight and most importantly their type, so you can work out which Monster you need to defeat another monster in an ever increasingly complicated game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

So what's YOUR favourite list?

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