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Top 10 Couples in Video Games

Hello Geek Mash fans! Sorry for not being active lately. Me and Kayleigh moved in together recently, so we have been a bit hectic getting it all sorted. Now that we finally have the internet sorted and the house tidied up, I can finally write again. 

It's Valentines Day, so I thought I would write a list of the Top 10 Couples in Games. This list doesn’t include almost-couples like Zelda and Link, even though we want them to be together. They have to be dating at some point in the series to make it!

So here’s my Top 10 Couples in Video Games:

10.Dom and Maria (Gears of War)

Dom has been in the Gears of War franchise from the very first game as Marcus’s main sidekick. Together, they helped to take out the horrible Locusts and trying to save humanity. 

While trying to save humanity, Dom was also trying to find his wife Maria who went missing. Tragedy hits though when he finally finds her in a Locust prison where she is so skinny and scared that she can’t even recognise her own husband. Sadly, Dom shoots his own wife to end her misery. It is a very sad moment in the game, which prevents a happy ending for the couple, whilst showing how evil the Locusts were.

9. Jackie and Jenny (The Darkness) 

I loved The Darkness when it came out. It had a great dark story, with fun action gameplay and some good twists. One of the best twists was when you see Jenny get shot right in front of your eyes. It made you feel sad when it happened as the game made the relationship so believable. It even allowed you to watch the whole of To Kill A Mockingbird together on the couch before she fell asleep. 

8. Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)

I love my RPGs, even though nowadays I don’t have as much time to put into one. When an amazing one comes along, I get hooked. Final Fantasy 10 stood out to me the most with its good story, amazing graphics (for its time), likeable characters and fun gameplay. 

Tidus and Yuna is a great couple as you can see them grow closer together during their adventure. They have many funny silly times together and some very touching moments especially the first kiss together. During the lengthy game you see the couple go through many mixed emotions, making the ending even sadder when you find out that Tidus is a spirit, which means that he does not exist once the missions are completed. 

7. Alan and Alice (Alan Wake)

I wasn’t expecting much when it came to Alan Wake, but I was very shocked to find it an excellent game with a deep story, great gameplay, living world and atmospheric setting. 

Alan Wake focuses on Alan and Alice, a married couple on a vacation taken to help his writers block. Sadly, their holiday is cut short when his wife is lost into the lake. Alan tries to save her but awakens on the shore of the lake. The whole story focuses on him trying to find a way to save his wife from the lake, whilst attempting solve the mystery of the area.

Alan commits the ultimate sacrifice, and gets his wife out, which of course comes as a price. He has to stay behind to constantly write a book for the mysterious force. 

6. Meryl and Johnny (Metal Gear Solid)

A lot of people would say Meryl should of gone with Snake, but it was impossible with him ageing so quickly and the fact that they were constantly away from each other. 

Johnny and Meryl were perfect for each other. We find out that Johnny was the soldier Meryl knocked out as soon as she escaped the prison in Metal Gear Solid 1. In that moment, Johnny fell in love with Meryl.

He dedicated his life to training and getting better, eventually joining Meryl’s crew. At this point, he tells her he has loved her ever since he met her in the first game, and at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, the couple get married. 

5. Pac-man and Ms Pac-man

One of the very first couples in video games, they love the same hobbies as each other-eating fruit, chomping through pellets and killing ghosts. A happy couple is a couple that love doing stuff together!

4. Fox McCloud and Krystal (Star Fox Franchise)

Meeting on Dinosaur Planet, Fox and Krystal develop feelings for one another when defeating Andross again and saving the inhabitants. 

Krystal leaves Dinosaur Planet and joins the team. She starts dating Fox, but depending on the ending of Star Fox Command, she either leaves with Fox or she joins Star Wolf and leaves Fox. 

Maybe this April we will find out what happened with Fox McCloud and Krystal in the upcoming Star Fox Zero. Personally, I am hoping that this is the true sequel to Star Fox 64 that we are waiting for.

3. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher (Uncharted Franchise)

Meeting in the very first game, Drake and Elena at first didn’t get along at first (but understandable with Elena keep on getting left behind by Drake and Sully). Over the game though, we see them connect more, eventually having their first kiss at the end of the game.

In the second game, we find out that Elena split up for some reason likely due to Drake leaving all the time to search for treasure. Luckily at the end of the game, they fall in love again and once again become the great couple we have grown to root for. The pair share fun adventures, mixed with Nate’s cheeky wit. It is clear that they care for each other along the way. 

In the third game, we find out Drake and Elena married and broke up again between the events of 2 and 3. But yet again by the end of the game, they are back together again. Judging by the route that their relationship has taken, Drake and Elena will not be together again when Uncharted 4 is released in April. But will they finally settle down for good at the end of the game?

2.  Reese and Cyrus (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Reese and Cyrus run the recycle shop in Animal Crossing together as husband and wife. This cute alpaca couple love each other so much and even have cute nicknames together. The more you play New Leaf, the more you find out more about their relationship.

1. You As The Player and Video Games

So, we end on something a little bit different…

We are the ultimate couple with our video games. As players, we go through many different emotions with a game-love, sadness, sorrow, anger, regret and more. You love them and hate them, but no matter what, you will never leave them. Many of us associate certain happy memories with video games. They really can complete you and know how to make you happy.

So there it is everyone. I hope you like the list, and have a fantastic Valentines Day!

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What is your favourite gaming couple? 

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