Wednesday, 23 March 2016

D&D - Dark Beginnings

Sorry I haven't done any posts in a while.

Running and designing two RPG campaigns and trying to get my first novel finished has left me with little time, but I am determined to make a serious effort to get regular posts done! 

Today's post is as you can probably guess by the title about dungeons and dragons

Now lets get one thing absolutely straight...


When I was about 12 years old my parents recognizes my inherent geekiness, probably from watching me spending a unconscionable amount of time playing RPG computer games, reading fantasy books like the chronicles of Prydain and Narnia as well as those choose your own adventure fighting fantasy books (more on those in a future blog). 

My parents decided to buy me a game that would cause me to actually play and socialize with others (loner misfit that I was) and so I received the Red Box! 

This wonderful object gave me everything I needed to play and run some basic adventures with 2-4 other players. 

Now I am sure that you know what Dungeons and Dragons is but in case you don't here is a quick summary- 
  • The game is made up of a group of players (classically 4-5 but sometimes less and very rarely more) who create and play characters, these characters are normally fantasy tropes such as mighty warriors or barbarians, wizards, clerics (holy men dedicated to a god that grants them magical powers) and sneaky thieves as well as an assortment of other classes. 
  • The game also often utilizes different races such as Halflings,elves and dwarves (basically if you watched the Lord of the Rings movies you know what to expect). 
  • There is also an extra player who is referred to as the Dungeon Master (or DM), this guy creates the adventure, designs the dark dungeons and places the player visits and plays the other people, monsters and diabolical villains the party have the pleasure of meeting on their quest. 
So as I was saying I received The Red Box, a classic starting point for all RPG beginners contained within that was everything I needed to get started and I plunged into the rules with gusto! 

I quickly employed my little cousins, friends and anyone else I could drag into one of my imaginative and often badly put together adventures but despite the many issues I had with the rules and the sometimes unruly players we all had a great time and I would never be the same again. 

Around this time another event occurred a model and hobby store opened up in the town and with it came access to new and intriguing games (Warhammer!) as well as access to something called Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

The place also became a natural meeting place of many of us strange and geeky fellows and so I gained access to a suddenly abundant supply of players and Dungeon masters. 

 I will talk about being plunged into the world of advanced dungeons and dragons next week (promise!) if you can handle these sad ramblings anyway

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