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Mario Day!

Today is Mario Day! 

First appearing in Arcades as Jumpman in Donkey Kong, Mario went on to be a mascot in a massive amount of games as well as being the titular hero in his own series and lots of spin offs including Kart racing, Tennis and friendship ruiners (Mario Party)

With mostly hits and only a miniscule amount of misses *CoughMarioMovieCough*, Mario continues to be THmost loved Nintendo character

Kayleigh did her post for it last year which you can read HERE and this year is my turn!

So put on your M Cap and those dungarees, load up your favourite Mario game and have some Mario themed food for the evening if you are so inclined (I highly recommend the Mario Meatballs with goomba sauce, salt and pepper blooper or some lightly grilled cheep cheeps)

Favourite Mario Game:
Super Mario 64

This was such a hard pick for me. 

I love the Mario games for lots of various reasons but I'm gonna have to go with Super Mario 64. Released in 1996 as one of the launch titles on the Nintendo 64. It received widespread critical acclaim and frequently topped N64 top 10 lists, if not at number 1 then at least in the top 3 (Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye being the other most frequent). 

 It changed the way we thought of platformers with it taking the games into a whole new dimension with it being the first proper 3D platformer in the series and went on to influence a countless amount of other games including Rare studios which went on to make platformers like Banjo Kazooie and Conker on the N64 and Kameo on the Xbox 360. 

 It was just so fun running around Peach's castle for ages and playing with Mario's squidgy face on the title screen, but then we discovered some great levels inside. I still frequently play it to this day at least yearly, with either an enhanced version which was released on the DS where you could also play as Luigi, Yoshi and Wario, and on the virtual consoles on the Wii and Wii U 

Runner up: 
Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island

Another great platformer, but it's art style is cool with it looking like a child drew it with crayons 

Also you could touch Fuzzy and get Dizzy :D 

Favourite Mario Song: 
Gusty Garden Galaxy

I'm the kind of Geek that likes listening to game music, and at the time I had a ton of Mario stuff on my MP3 player 

I was playing the newly released Mario Galaxy and maybe one or two tracks I could add to my list but nothing really stood out until this level started 

I have never had a reaction like it since with videogame music but I was completely blown away and felt physically winded, I had to stop playing and listen to this music. This gets under my skin everytime and I don't know what it is about it but I LOVE it 

Runner up: 
Jellyfish - Ignorance is Bliss

I had to include this too. My brother introduced me to the song through his listening to the band Jellyfish

The song was released as an extra track on their single called The Ghost at Number One and was also on a Nintendo released album called White Knuckle Scorin'

Favourite Boss Fight: 
Yoshi's Island Final Boss Fight

Throughout the game you would come across Kamek which was Baby Bowser's nanny and everytime he would change a normal enemy you found throughout the levels into a giant version of said enemy. 

In the last encounter you come across Baby Bowser and fight him, Kamek comes along and you think you're just gonna fight a screen size version of him like the others but alas no 

Kamek turns him into a Godzilla size abomination and you have to try and hit Bowser in the face while aiming into the screen, all the while the platforms around you are being destroyed 

Runner up: 
Gooper Blooper

The giant squid boss from Super Mario Sunshine, you had to pull his tentacles to whack himself in the face and then stretch his mouth whilst he squirted ink at you 

He's appeared several times since including a mini game in Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube, a boss in Super Princess Peach and again as a boss in Paper Mario Sticker Star on the 3DS 

Favourite Henchman: 
Koopa Troopa's and Paratroopa's

When these henchman first appeared they would explode after a few seconds of jumping on them! 

From Mario 3 onwards they became the Koopa's we all know and love, when you stomped on them, they went into their shell which you could pick up and throw at other enemies, bringing a new mechanic to the game and it was so fun lining up a bunch of enemies and hitting them like a game of bowling 

They come in a few different colour varieties and I even painted up some of my boardgame Super Dungeon Explore sets like these guys 

I love turtles, you can check out a post about my favourite turtles HERE. I know it's another shameless plug but I do genuinely love Turtles this much :D 

Runner up: 

The rock dudes that rush to the floor when you go near them making a grunting noise 

The Thwomp is also in Geeky culture known as a heavier Glomp, which is the action of one person lovingly (and dramatically) attacking another with a hug. A glomp lies somewhere in the grey area between a caring embrace, and a flying leap to tackle someone. 

Favourite Character (Besides Mario): 

Yoshi is freaking adorable. 

He first appeared in the fourth Mario game - Mario World but his creator Shigeru Miyamoto actually wanted a Dino companion for Mario in Super Mario Bros on the NES but couldn't due to technical limitations. 

I've always had a soft spot for him since playing Yoshi's Island but the sweetness multiplied when I played Yoshi's Story on the N64. 

Mario's trusted companion who will do anything for the moustached plumber since saving him as a baby, even though Mario does things like leaving him behind and killing him to complete a level (anyone who has played Super Mario World or some evil Mario Maker levels can attest to that) 

Best colour? - Light blue

 Runner up: 

Wario started out as an evil counterpart to Mario in his debut game, Super Mario Land 2. 

Wario's name is quite genius, the M in Mario flipped upside down but Wa in Japanese also means evil. The same can't be said of the awful naming of Waluigi 

He went on to become a big character in his own series called Wario Ware which is an onslaught of 3 second mini games that only speed up and get harder as they go on 


And Lastly, if you've never heard this before you're in for a treat... 

Happy Mario Day, everyone! 

How are you spending the day? 

Give us your Super Mario thoughts, memories, and more in the comments below, and on our Facebook and Twitter!

Personally I will be playing Super Mario Maker on the Wii U :D

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