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Top 10 Canine Lovers

As a lot of you know, I love my dogs. I grew up with them all my life and I even have my own Dog Walking business, so I’m always surrounded with dogs in some shape or form. This is why I thought about doing a Top 10 Canine Lovers list. Fellow GeekMasher Brad has written the Top 10 Feline Lovers list, as he loves cats as much as I love dogs. 

So here is my list comprising of canine lovers from movies, TV and games:

10. Big Boss ( Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Early on in the game, you'll come across a puppy, abandoned due to his mother being killed. If you choose to, you can Fulton the puppy to your mother base, where you will see it grow up to a adult, eventually joining you on missions whilst sniffing out the enemies and helping you to take them down. 

9. Your Dog (Fable II)

When Fable II was first announced, Peter Molyneux made a big deal about the inclusion of man's best friend. Turning out to basically be a virtual pet for your grand adventure, he helped you by attacking enemies, sniffing out treasure whilst being your loveable companion. 

8. Midna & Wolf Link (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Early on in the game, Link turns into Wolf Link in the Twilight realm. At first, Link is worried as it puts him at a disadvantage, but a weird creature called Midna comes to his aid. During the whole game you go back and forth between both versions of Link, solving puzzles whilst saving the world of Hyrule. It offered a nice twist for the Legend of Zelda games. Now that we have the Twilight Princess HD release, its worth giving it a go.

7. Prince Eric ( The Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is charming, and straight away you can tell this when he is playing with his dog Max on the beach. Thanks to his dog, he finds Ariel, the mute girl who he's instantly smitten with. He even risks his life to save his dog, and that is true dedication to your canine companion 

6. Stanley and Milo (The Mask)

In The Mask, Stanley doesn't have many friends, but his best friend Milo the dog is always loyal and loving to him. Even on a bad day when he comes home, Milo is there to cheer him up. Milo even puts on The Mask for a bit to help his owner fight the bad guys. 

5. Carl and Dug (Up)

When Up first starts after the heartbreaking opening, we find that Carl is a very moody old man that doesn't want to love anything and just wants to be left alone. But, thanks to Dug the dog, his heart opens up again and he takes him in. This shows that dogs are a great companion for happiness, even when you're at your lowest. 

4. Clark Kent and Kryto (Superman)

Clark Kent has a huge heart. He always wants to save everyone and everything. Eventually he was reunited with Krypto again. We find out that Krypto is not a normal dog, he is actually from Krypton and possesses the same powers as his master there. They are the best of buds, fighting along side of each other and just being there for one another. 

3. TinTin and Snowy (Tintin)

Tintin is a long running childhood comic, TV series and even a full length motion-captured 3D movie. Tintin and Snowy are inseparable; they love each other so much. They're constantly saving each other and going on many grand adventures. Their relationship is always one people should look at when it comes to getting a dog as their bond shows you what you can have with a dog.

2. John, Jenny Grogan and Marley (Marley & me)

One of them great movies that will make you feel happy or sad. You'll laugh, and you'll cry. This movie is great way to show a love between the owners and their dog. *SPOILERS* Sadly, the dog eventually becomes ill at a old age and has to be put down. This was such a powerful scene in the movie as the movie watcher loved Marley too. To see him drift away along still breaks my heart every time, as it’s something every dog owner doesn't want to say goodbye to their best friend.

1.Professor Ueno and Hachiko (Hachi)

One of the best real stories of a dog and his owner, Hachi followed his owner every day to the nearby train station to see him off to work. He also welcomed him home at the end.

For many years this happened, strengthening their bond. Sadly one day, Professor Ueno did not return after suffering a hemorrhage. Every day for the next 9 years, Hachi still sat at that train station, waiting for his owner to return but sadly he didn’t. The story was so well known in Japan that to this day there is a statue of Hachi at Shibuya station, honouring his love and loyalty to his owner.  They even made a movie about this lovely relationship these two had, but I will warn you that this is another tear jerker. 

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