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Top 10 Feline Lovers


As some of you may or may not know I love my Cats and everything to do with them just fills me with joy

I keep posting pictures of my own cat Purrdy and just sharing random photos of galleries of cute kitties on Facebook and Twitter much to my friends and followers annoyance but all the Cat Lovers enjoy it

So I thought a Top 10 Cat Lovers post would be pretty cool, to see different Friends to Felines in different media including TV, Films and Games

Fellow Geekmasher Casey loves his Dogs as much as I love Cats so if you're a Dog fan you should check out his post Top 10 Canine Lovers

10. Geppetto

Gepetto loves his cat called Figaro, and it shows especially in the image above that he even lets the cat sleep in his own bed and treats him to fish dinners

This changes when Pinocchio comes along and Gepetto lets the boy sleep in the bed but he still loves his cat

9. Soundwave

Soundwave has a small knit team at his disposable for possible missions and the most loyal to Megatrons cause is Ravage

If you need a spy mission done, Soundwave doesnt hesitate at all in sending out his favourite kitty cat

8. Korben Dallas
(The Fifth Element)

Korben Dallas loves his cat and even calls it sweetheart when saying not to watch the tv too close

This is a nice touch showing that the former Special Forces soldier is really just a caring guy with a cute cat

7. Travis Touchdown
(No More Heroes)

The assassin for hire has a pet cat called Jeane that you can interact with whenever you go back to his home and is the closest thing to family that Travis has

6. Dave Lister
(Red Dwarf)

Lister smuggles a pregnant cat on board from Titan (one of Jupiters moons) that he names Frankenstein and it is part of his five-year plan to buy a farm on Fiji to bring along the cat, the cat's unborn kittens, and to get a sheep and a cow and breed horses.

Unfortunately he is found out after sending rolls of film of him and the cat to get developed at the ships photo lab and gets put into a stasis tube

There is a radiation leak shortly thereafter where the whole crew gets wiped out, but the cat and her kittens are safely sealed away in a cargo hold, and a new humanoid race of cats evolve over a period of 3 million years, upon which Lister befriends one of the race after the ships computer safely releases him when the radiation reaches suitable levels

5. Hellboy

In his home at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), Hellboy surrounds himself with a dozen cats. He just loves the little furballs and in a fight on the subway he goes out of his way to save a whole little of them in a box, holding onto the critters while taking down the bad guy

4. Ryo Hazuki

On the day that Ryo's father was murdered, the killer named Lan Di drove away in a car hitting and killing the kittens mother, leaving it an orphan. Ryo feels he and the kitten have a lot in common as they were both orphaned on the same day

You first encounter her when you visit the Yamanose Shrine where Megumi is looking after the littke kitten. You can keep returning here to pet and feed her

You can also name the kitten either Mimi (meaning cute ears), Tama (Megumi has a sister whose cat was called this) and Chibi (meaning little one). You can also try and name it Sasuke but the eventual owner dislikes the name as it's a boys name

3. Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay
(Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

One day while walking around the school grounds and holding hands, it is mentioned that Tara should get a pet cat. They discuss whether they should get a black cat seeing as they are witches after all

Later on we find out that they got an adorable little fluffball which they decide to name Miss Kitty Fantastico and you see the two adorable play with it in one episode and her name comes up a couple of times

She's not really brought up again until a later season where Dawn (Buffy's Sister) is looking for a crossbow and say "Xander, my crossbow is not out here. I told you, I don't leave crossbows around all willy-nilly. (pauses guiltily) Not since that time with Miss Kitty Fantastico."

Hopefully she's alright 

2. The Doctor
(Doctor Who)

The Doctor has an affinity for all species, but we have witnessed several times on screen and in expanded universe tales his love for cats.

Even though the Tenth (David Tennant) himself says he is not a cat person we see several times in the series times where he is affectionate to them and even got over his prejudice of them in the comics

The Sixth (Colin Baker) wore several cat brooches on his coat which he sometimes rubbed for good luck and it was noted that ""he had a way with cats" to which he replied "cats have a way with me"

The Seventh (Sylvester McCoy) and Eighth (Paul McGann) had their own pet cats

The Ninth (Christopher Eccleston) talked to a cat when he was in London in 1941

The Eleventh (Matt Smith) spoke with a cat again to suss out the situation in a flat and also mentioned "a basket of kittens" as one of the things to think about to avoid fear while facing a Minotaur that fed on fear

1. Jessie and James

So it's been said time and time again that Team Rocket are stupid as they are trying to get hold of Ash's Pikachu when they could just sell their Meowth who actually talks and be done with it

I say they are actually very intelligent...well....as much as Team Rocket can be

Why would they sell their Meowth? 

They love him and treat him with respect, plus as cat owners they could never justify it to themselves to get rid of him

And I love them for that

So who's YOUR favourite Cat Lover?

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter

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