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Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

So there's a new Batman film coming out featuring some other guy from Krypton

So I didn't count Batman as one of my favourite comic book characters but now that I've thought about it more I suppose I do, I mean I have two pairs of Batman shoes, lots of his graphic novels and I love drawing him so...why not?

This is why I found it so easy to put this list together and my knowledge of it just comes naturally

SO with that in mind I thought I would go over my favourite things to do with The Dark Knight

Favourite Story:
Long Halloween

This story is a year long murder mystery, with people being murdered on various calendar days i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day 

The mystery pulls you in and keeps you guessing until the very last page Featuring a lot of various characters in the Batman mythos from normal civilians to villains, plus it does a great retelling of Two-Face's origin and shows what losing the friendship of Harvey Dent does to Bruce 

If you like this then I highly recommend seeking out these other Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale stories. 

  • Dark Victory, which is a follow up to Long Halloween and features some of the main characters, plus the origin of Robin
  • Daredevil Yellow, which has a Matt Murdock just starting out in his career and his starting relationship with Karen
  • and Spider-Man Blue, where Peter reminisces to a time when his first love Gwen Stacy was still alive

If you recognise the artwork on all of these but can't quite place where you've seen it before then does the phrase "Save The Cheerleader..." ring a bell? Yep, all the artwork you see in Heroes was by Tim Sale. Also Jeph Loeb was a writer on the series 

Favourite Comic Costume:
Neal Adams classic colours

You can't beat this classic colour scheme. A lot of his more modern costumes I think make the costume a bit too dark and grey 

This is a good mixture of blue and grey and when someone says Batman, this is what immediately springs to mind

It's also associated with a lot of classic storylines in the Batman mythos, including Death in the Family which was a turning point for the kind of stories they told...but more on that later 

Favourite Movie Costume:
Batman And Robin Chrome Costume

This costume came about because Warner Bros wanted toy sales, and what better way than to include two different costumes in the film but saying that is a disservice to this costume 

Say what you want about the rest of the film, George Clooney's acting, how they ruined Bane, a campness that tries to match the 60s Batman with Adam West in style but fails miserably.

In spite of those, the chrome costume looks fucking cool 

Favourite Comic Batmobile:
1940's Batman #20

Based on an earlier design with the singular wing on the back and the Bat head on the front using the design of cars of the time, the car looks very similiar to the car that Biff uses in 1955 in the Back To Future trilogy

The issue 20 design added headlights and the red stripes, breaking up the design a little and making it more dynamic

Favourite Movie Batmobile:
Tim Burton Batmobile

THE MOST iconic film car from the 80s, well apart from the Delorean in Back to the Future

THE 2nd MOST iconic film car from the 80s, well apart from the Delorean in Back to the Future and Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters

THE 3rd MOST iconic film car from the 80s and with those other two and how they're thought of in the minds of Geeks everywhere that is saying A LOT

Favourite Extended Family:

Dick Grayson started off as the first Robin, and wanted to get out of Batmans shadow and become a superhero in his own right

He had a pretty pimpin' 70s costume inspired by disco with gold trim and a FABULOUS collar which eventually evolved into the costume with the iconic blue symbol

He's had some great stories over the years while solving crime in the town of Bl├╝dhaven 

Favourite Villain:
The Joker

The iconic villain Other heroes like Superman and The Flash have a varying rogues gallery and there's no one particular enemy that stands out as their main villain. You could argue Lex Luthor for Superman but he's not on the same level with his power

The Joker is the polar opposite of Batman with the way he thinks and acts, The Joker is the chaos to Batman's control 

Think about his the gadgets too. Batman has useful gadgets for situations like the grapple and batarang whereas The Joker uses stuff like a hand buzzer that actually kills you, exploding chattering teeth and his infamous poison

Also the thing I said earlier about The Death In The Family, in that he takes it to a whole new level. Before in the stories The Joker might have killed a few people here and there, the same M.O. as other villains, but he kidnaps and tortures the 2nd Robin (Jason Todd) and KILLS him with a crowbar

Okay, with comics that story was retconned later on when it turned out that Jason Todd was actually alive (Superboy Prime punched a barrier to his dimension just outside reality which causes ripples through time - comics are crazy man)

At the time though that shit was INSANE. He took it to an all new personal level which changed the stories to be much darker after that

Also no matter which film version you say is your favourite, a lot of people respect it and don't argue it because you can play it in a lot of different ways, after all, us comic readers don't know his true origin and we've been reading for years

Favourite Elseworlds version:
Dracula Trilogy

In this trilogy of comics (Red Rain, Blood Storm and Crimson Mist), Batman is investigating a series of murders in Gotham in which homeless victims are found with their throats slashed 

It turns out that Dracula is real and living in Gotham. He bites Bruce, who slowly succumbs to the blood lust and what follows is a great take on the literal Batman mythos

Phenomenal artwork too 

Favourite Actor:
Michael Keaton

A lot of people at the time were shocked that he was cast as before he only really did comedic roles

He's a charismatic Bruce and a kick arse Batman just like he should be but he's not perfect by any means. Someone like Christopher Reeves as both Clark AND Kal-El is perfect but we haven't had that for a Batman yet

  • Adam West was perfect at the time but is too camp for the modern version
  • Val Kilmer is wooden as both
  • George Clooney has a good head wobble
  • Christian Bale doesn't sound right
  • Kevin Conroy has the perfect voice but not the rest

Hopefully one day we'll have a perfect Batman 


Favourite Actor:

Ben Affleck

Well it turns out I didn't have to wait for very long

Affleck is perfect as both Bruce and Bats and is a Batman that has been doing this for 20 years. Something I know all fans have wanted to see and personally I cannot wait to see more

Affleck is even writing AND directing a solo Batman movie with co-writer Geoff Johns 

Favourite Film:
Mask Of The Phantasm

A film based on the animated series from the 90s

A great story and retells the origin of Batman in a great way which doesn't feel old. That's saying something considering the amount of times we've seen it 

I wont say anything more, just that if you're a Batman fan it's a must see and 



and a great way of hearing Kevin Conroy if you've not seen the series or played the Arkham trilogy

Favourite Song:
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Face To Face

So the choices for this were 

  • The Prince Album (Batman)
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees - Face to Face (Batman Returns)
  • U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Batman Forever)
  • Seal - Kiss From A Rose (Batman Forever)
  • Smashing Pumpkins - The End Is The Beginning Is The End (Batman And Robin)
  • Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (Batman And Robin)

I was a fan of all those bands and musicians at the time I heard the songs but I had never heard of Siouxsie and the Banshees until then

This is a great song which features in a pivotal part in Batman Returns, where Bruce and Selina who have been flirting with each other since they met also realise that the other person is actually the person in leather they have been fighting on rooftops as they come "Face to Face"

It also mixes in parts of the Danny Elfman score, which sounds kind of weird but really cool with a female voice because you're so used to it in films being only instrumental or with Danny Elfmans voice in Nightmare Before Christmas

The songs from the other bands are phenomenal and I would put them all in my top 5 favourite songs from that band or musician but the Prince album has some great songs on there that feature in some great moments from The Joker but this is a Batman list, not the villain, the rest from the other bands don't really get played in the films they are in apart from the end credits

So the story points it gives us and how it ties into the whole of the film is the reason I like it so much. 

So what are YOUR favourite Batman moments? 

Give us your Batman thoughts, memories, and more in the comments below, and on our Facebook and Twitter!

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