Thursday, 28 April 2016

Geeky News Thursday 28th April

Thursday 28th April

Nintendo New Round-Up

  • Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be coming out in March 2017, a little later than everyone predicted, but not bad timing nevertheless.
  • Bad news; Zelda Wii U has been pushed back again to 2017.
  • Staying on Zelda Wii U, the game now will be getting a dual release on the NX and Wii U, the same deal The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess got with Gamecube and Wii release.
  • Nintendo has stated that they won't be bringing the NX to the E3 showroom floor, but we may still hear some news. We will find out more news in June. 
  • Nintendo also stated that Zelda Wii U will be only playable game at E3.
  • Nintendo are bringing Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing apps to mobile. It's stated that they will be proper game. 
  • Finally, in Nintendo news, Koei Tecmo have confirmed they have started development on NX

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Geeky News Tuesday 26th April

Tuesday 26th April

Gears of War 4 Season Pass and Ultimate Edition Detailed

Those who pre order the ultimate edition of Gears of War 4 will gain access to the game 4 days earlier than worldwide launch. The ultimate edition revealed to have steelbook, the main character on a bike statue, key chains and more. Also, the season pass will have 24 multiplayer maps. 

7 Ways To Improve The Walking Dead Again

Facebook and Twitter was awash with a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews for The Walking Dead finale after it aired. Personally, my opinion sat firmly in the middle. I loved the tension, but the final pay-off sort of frustrated me. It got me thinking about how The Walking Dead feels a little sedated as of late, and there are several aspects where I think it could rise to top form again if they enforced them. 

Check out my suggestions below.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Kay's Fable Favourites!

I was gutted when Lionhead Studios announced that it was closing its doors last month (thanks, Microsoft). Whilst it had it's up's and down's, the Fable series remains a firm favourite for me. Fable II was the first game I picked up on the Xbox 360, and from then on, I was hooked. 

So in honour of the dissolved company, end of development on Fable Legends and the potential end of the series in general, I thought I would share with you all some of my Fable 'favourites'. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Geeky News Wednesday 20th April

Wednesday 20th April

Mafia III Release Date and New Trailer

If you've been waiting for the next crime open-world game to come out, then look no further Mafia 3. It finally has a release date and a new trailer. I wasn't too hyped about this game at first, even though I liked the two previous games, but the trailer promised an interesting, deep story. I hope it is as good as the trailer makes it out to be. Mafia III will be released on the 7th October.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Geeky News - Monday 18th April

Monday 18th April

Capcom Gives Out Juicy Details on Street Fighter V Next Big Update

Capcom announced today the next big update for Street Fighter V. Guile will be the next fighter entering the battle, along with his famous jet stage. It's also been announced that there will be a new way rage quitters will be handled to have a better community. More details will be shared soon on this by Capcom.

Star Fox Zero: Battle Begins animated short

Nintendo announced that there will be a Star Fox Zero animated short coming 20th April, along with a Treehouse event showing off Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard. So far it looks great, but I'd love a whole series. Check out the teaser below. 

Batman: Arkham Collection Inbound

Batman: Arkham Collection is arriving this June. Batman Arkham Asylum and City will both be getting upgraded visually, will run smoother and have all the DLC included. 

What Were the Geek Mash Crew Playing/Watching? #2

What were the Geek Mash crew watching and playing last week? Take a look below!


Last week, I watched Fear of the Walking Dead Season 1. I finished it quite quickly as it's only 6 episodes long. I really enjoyed the series more than I did with the newest season of The Walking Dead. It felt like they put back in the fear, whilst zombies actually felt like they were more than just a slight threat again. 

I've also been watching Doctor Who. I'm about half way through so far. It's a bit hit and miss so far. I just found all the previous seasons much better. I'll keep going, but so far I'm not too excited for the next season.

Game wise, I played some of the Doom beta. It's good but just not for me these days. I like a bit of tactics to my shooters.

I got a little further into Quantum Break this week. I'm still really enjoying the story. It's really interesting and fun gameplay.

The main game I played this week is Dark Souls 3 and I'm loving it. It's great graphics, awesome level design and enemies, fun gameplay and still as hard as hell. It's all I ask for in the series. 


Last week, I finished watching Fear The Walking Dead with Casey. It felt like what The Walking Dead needs to return to; tension and the fear factor. The zombies actually feel like more of a problem here than they do for the crew in the latest The Walking Dead season. 

I didn't really play much last week, apart from Miitomo (as usual), a bit of Guitar Hero Live and Left 4 Dead 2. Left 4 Dead 2 has aged well. It's still a lot of fun!

I've been watching a lot of Twitch last week. Channels such as eviltedsmith, staceyofgotham and cosplay craft streams. I haven't played too much...I lost my controller, which doesn't help! 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Geeky News - Friday 15th April

Friday 15th April

Deadpool 2 Official

The highly successful Marvel movie is officially getting a sequel! Tim Miller is returning to direct, and of course Ryan Reynolds will be playing Deadpool again. Also, the iconic partner of Deadpool (Cable) is said to be in the sequel.

Pokemon Live-Action Movie Maybe in the Works

The Pokemon company apparently is in talks to do a full live-action movie. A Hollywood source has said that there has been a secret auction for filming companies to get the rights to make the movie. The rumour is that Warner Bros is the early favourite to get the rights.

Rumoured Red Dead Redemption 2 Map

Earlier this week, someone claimed on NeoGAF they had the map for Red Dead Redemption 2. A few days later, sources claim that the leak is legit from people working really close with the project. The game will also be set before the events of the original game. 

First 12 Minutes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst

If you was like me when Mirror's Edge originally came out, you couldn't stop playing it as it was unique and very fun to play. The sequel looks set to be a worthy successor to the original source, being less gun focused and more about the parkour. Enjoy the first 12 minutes below:

Feature Friday #3 - Deakin Brook

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Geeky News - Wednesday 13th April

Wednesday 13th April

New Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Battle Trailer 

RPG's are finally making a come back with Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, Star Ocean and much more. I love getting my teeth into a deep RPG, and with this newest trailer, Star Ocean has peaked my interest.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Strange and Mysterious Places - London

One of the things that people know about me (outside of my inability to stick to deadlines and make wildly unsubstantiated claims while drunk) is I love to travel, be it some of the glorious European cities to the jungles of south America and every place I go to inspires the adventures I design, so I figured I would write a series of pieces on adventure concepts inspired by the places I have traveled to. 

I will give a fantasy, science fiction and a horror scenario based on the same place, remember these are not complete adventures just the base concepts to get your minds working towards creating your own story. 


I love London, the city has so much atmosphere and flavour to it the combination of Gothic architecture with tight cobblestoned streets and glass buildings with open spaces can give the city very distinctive atmospheres depending on the time of day and where you are, combined with legends like jack the ripper and stories like Dracula,the golden compass and Neverwhere London is the perfect place to run an adventure no matter the genre of the game you are running.

Geeky News Monday 11th April

Monday 11th April

New Gears of War 4 Trailer

We finally got the new Gears of War 4 trailer today. No gameplay, but an interesting cinematic trailer showing the characters and setting. The track used is Disturbed's cover of 'The Sound of Silence'. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Firefly Cargo Crate

Firefly Cargo Crate Unboxing

By Rossteffer

For a long time now I have been a subscriber to many different subscription boxes. I have tried services like Nerd Block and Loot Crate, often switching between different themes Sci Fi Block, Comic Block and Arcade Block. Once I saw that Loot Crate were offering a Firefly Crate I was all in! Firefly to this day is one of my favourite shows, a Science Fiction / Western hybrid that to many fans dismay was cancelled too soon.

Each Cargo Crate is themed around a certain character, so let's watch the video together to find out which character got the first crate.

Follow Ross


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What Have Geek Mash Crew Been Playing/Watching? #1

We have another new feature coming to Geek Mash once a week. We thought we'd get the community involved a little, as well as share with you what the crew's been playing/watching. Plus, we'd also like to hear what you've been playing/watching this week, and little bit about how you think about it.

So, here's some of the Geek Mash crew...

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Geeky News - Thursday 7th April

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Today we finally got to see the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I'm glad to see how great this side-story looks. Enjoy the trailer below: 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Not Long Until MCM London Comic Con!

It's nearly that time of the year again when fellow Geeks come together en masse to go to the London MCM Expo on the 27-29th of May.

Last year the three day show saw 130,560 pass through the doors of Excel London, eclipsing the record-breaking 122,600 attendees at May's MCM London Comic Con and the 110,200 at last October’s event.

Essentially this cements MCM London Comic Con’s position as the third largest Comic Con on the planet — just behind illustrious US rivals in New York and San Diego.

Tickets are running out fast so if you want to go to this May's event, go HERE to buy a ticket

But why go? Because it's AWESOME!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Geeky News - Tuesday 5th April

Tuesday 5th April

Fallout 4 DLC Wasteland Workshop Release Date

Bethesda announced today that the next dlc for Fallout 4 called the Wasteland Workshop. Wasteland Workshop is set to release on 12th April. Enjoy the trailer below:

New PS4 Firmware Update 3.50
A new PS4 update is coming tomorrow. It will host a few new features, but the main ones are friend notifications, as well as remote play on PC and Mac.

Rumour - God of War 4 To Be Set in Norse Times
Neogaf leaked a concept art for the next God of War game. Its looking to have a Norse setting. Since the leak, the website holding the original source has been taken down, giving it a good chance that this is the real deal.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Top 14 Tsum Tsums

The Geek Mash crew can vouch for this one...I love Tsum Tsum's. But, what are they exactly? Well, if you've ever walked into a Clintons or Disney store lately, then there's a chance that you have most likely seen them. 

Tsum Tsums are Japanese plush teddies that come in three sizes. A cute alternative to the standard screen-wipes for devices, Tsum Tsums are designed to stack on top of one another. Priced from £3.00 upwards, Disney release two collections a month from their broad range of classic films.

Here's a collection from March, based on Tangled:

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Geek Mash on Miitomo!

Miitomo was released in the UK yesterday for iOS and Android. It marks Nintendo's first venture into the mobile market, offering their own unique spin on social networking. 

Some of the Geek Mash team have fully embraced this already, and we're loving it. Essentially a lighter version of the bizarre but addictive Tomodachi Life, Miitomo allows for social interaction between friends in a brand new, refreshing way. 

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