Tuesday, 26 April 2016

7 Ways To Improve The Walking Dead Again

Facebook and Twitter was awash with a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews for The Walking Dead finale after it aired. Personally, my opinion sat firmly in the middle. I loved the tension, but the final pay-off sort of frustrated me. It got me thinking about how The Walking Dead feels a little sedated as of late, and there are several aspects where I think it could rise to top form again if they enforced them. 

Check out my suggestions below.

1. Bring the Bad-Ass Women Back!
I understand that traumatic experiences are one of the key aspects of The Walking Dead, but I also love how the women in this show experience a personal journey, grow and learn from this. 

Carol is the perfect example of this. She went from a woman tormented by excessive spousal abuse to a pretty bad-ass killer. Because of this transformation, she became one of my favourite characters in the show. However, in the recent season, Carol became a bit of an emotional wreck, clutching her crucifix necklace and suffering from panic attacks. I missed the Carol that she had become in the previous seasons.

Michonne falling in love with Rick? Sure, I kind of like that. But I really want to see her go to town with her katana in a big way again.

2. Stop Dragging It Out
I love the series, but at times, The Walking Dead shambles along slower than the undead themselves. I appreciate that tension cannot build without these slower moments, but maybe by reducing the duration of these, the pacing will flow a lot better. Storylines have a habit of sticking around longer than necessary. Take the Governor for example. I fear that the same will happen with Negan, but we'll have to just wait and see...

3. Don't Create Unneccessary Cliffhangers
OK, this is a bit contradictory, but I sort of like cliffhangers...mostly. When a cliffhanger is added just for the sake of it, though? That's when I get a little bit fed up. The silly part where Glenn was trapped under a bin would be one more recent example. I know the internet kinda blew up at this point, with people disputing that he'd be able to escape that ever-pressing hoard. When he suddenly emerges again a few episodes later, that cliffhanger just felt a little irrelevant. 

4. Start Getting Unpredictable Again
The Walking Dead has plenty of unpredictable moments which, at least in my opinion, are up there as some of the most memorable parts of the show to date. Take the reveal of Carol's daughter emerging from the barn. We didn't expect to see her shambling out with the rest of the walkers, and it created the perfect blend of sadness and shock. 

It's had a few in the latest season, but they didn't feel as sad and shocking as previous moments had been. The doctor getting an arrow to her eye? Her acting was shockingly bad at times, so I was glad it happened, to be honest...

5. Do Morgan Some Justice
Like Carol in the latest season, Morgan also feels like he isn't as good as he used to be. His character has been a bit boring this season, and I really want to see him get back to top form. Hopefully, next season we'll get to see this a little bit more.

6. Bring Back The Fear
Tying in with number 4, The Walking Dead needs more truly terrifying moments again. Sure, there's been plenty of tension, which I'm thankful for, but we definitely need to see them genuinely scared. However, I am faithful that Negan will be bringing some of this, so I really hope they do him justice next season!

7. Hire New Writers
Sometimes, a bit of change can actually be a good thing. It's time to give the series a bit of a refresh. As much as I like it, The Walking Dead is often guilty of being a little samey. I think bringing in some new writers may actually help to get this moving again. This is why I'm enjoying Fear The Walking Dead at the moment. It's something different, and they nail that tension.

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