Friday, 1 April 2016

Feature Friday #1 - James Stayte

What got you into art?

I started drawing when I was very young, I was a big cartoon watcher so I drew my favourite characters, then I got into computer games so I would design my own, then I started reading comics and wanted to tell my own stories. One day I’ll finally make that Commodore 64 game! 

Who is your favourite character to draw?

Last year I drew a different Star Wars character every week for my blog, so can I say ALL OF THE STAR WARS CHARACTERS? Mostly Artoo and Threepio though!

What do you hate drawing?

I hate drawing cars. You can make a person look like a thin string bean or a dumpy barrel but a car has to look like a car or it just feels wrong!

Favourite artists?

Chris Samnee, Scott Campbell, Kate Beaton, James Kochalka, Zac Gorman & Drew Struzan. 

What mediums do you use?

I go pencil, ink then I colour in photoshop. I should probably re-learn how to water colour as I’ve forgot how to do it properly!  

When you're drawing, what do you put on in the background?

I like to listen to podcasts mostly. They entertain the part of my brain that otherwise would start to get bored! Usually comedy podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang!, How Did This Get Made?, Adam Buxton or Frank Skinner.

What's your greatest achievement?

I’ve had my artwork displayed in Gallery 1988 in LA. They curate amazing pop-culture exhibitions all year round and I had the chance to do some work for their annual cult movie show “Crazy 4 Cult”. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.  

What would you say to any aspiring artists?   

The best thing I can say is to learn how to draw everything; people, buildings, animals, cars, everything. Once you can draw any part of the world confidently you can tell any story you want!   

Do you have any projects lined up?

I’m currently drawing the second chapter of 99 Swords for Big Punch Magazine. I’m also working on a new character to pitch to The Phoenix Comic soon.

Marvel or DC? 

Marvel! I’ve been reading Spider-Man since I was 5. I like a lot of Batman stories but Marvel characters have always appealed to me more.    

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate! I’ve been eating chocolate since I was 5. I like a lot of vanilla flavoured things by chocolate products have always appealed to me more.

Captain America or Iron Man?

Hashtag Team Cap! I’m counting the days until Civil War!

Finally if you could take any character and draw them in a new comic, who would it be and who would you choose to write it? 

Myself and Transformers writer/colourist extraordinaire John-Paul Bove were talking the other day about how we’d like to do a Ninja Turtles story, done in our own respective styles. They’re the sort of characters that are quite versatile, you can tell all kinds of stories with them. Mostly involving ninjas, pizza and skateboards, but sometimes other things!

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