Friday, 22 April 2016

Feature Friday #4 - Bex Turner

What got you into art?

I have a very Artistic family, My Parents are both very creative with creative jobs. My brother and I were always encouraged to be creative, lots of gallery visits and creative activities over the holidays. Apparently many of my mum's designs would go to clients with my toddler doodles along the bottom of the plans. I loved it and it just carried on through the rest of my Life, and so I went into design and my brother into Fine art.

Who is your favourite character to draw?

I haven't ever really drawn anyone else's characters so I couldn't really say, just drawn from my head mainly. I think Raziel from Legacy of Kain is the best designed character though.

What do you hate drawing?

The mundane, every day objects.

Favourite artists?

Giger, Jasper Goodall, James Cameron(He does loads of concept art for his films), Aubrey Beardsley, Roger Dean, Andrew Jones

What mediums do you use?

Digital painting and vector art (with programs like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator or Corel Painter), Pens and pencil (love a tiny fine liner, smaller the better!), Inks & water colours.

When you're drawing,  what do you put on in the background?

I like a nice bit of background TV, usually Come Dine With Me or series I have already seen like House or Fringe so I don't have to focus to know what's going on, just drift in and out.

What's your greatest achievement?

My Career I think, getting a Senior Digital Designer role with Ocado before 30 was pretty thrilling.

What would you say to any aspiring artists?

Its not always easy, especially in the beginning. Everything is subjective, people will love what you do and others will hate it, so you cant be to precious about your work. Accept criticism, take it on board and learn from it.
After rejections and negative comments you can get disheartened, but if you let it get to you and give up then you definitely won't get anywhere, so what is the point in letting it get to you and giving up?

Do you have any projects lined up?

Big things are happening at work, new site launches for later this year. Have been dabbling in Interior design for the new flat also which should be coming into fruition soon, love trying my hand at other forms of creativity when I get the chance! Have given up on doing Freelance projects around work generally though so nothing personal art wise.

Marvel or DC?


Chocolate or vanilla?


Captain America or Iron Man?

Iron Man

Finally if you could take any character and draw them in a new comic,  who would it be and who would you choose to write it?

Matt Bellamy, Sci-fi-ed up! In an awesome apocalyptic story where he has to save earth by playing his guitar and killing the alien invaders by electrocuting them from his awesome riffing and pedal pressing. Written by Douglas Adams of course!

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