Monday, 18 April 2016

Geeky News - Monday 18th April

Monday 18th April

Capcom Gives Out Juicy Details on Street Fighter V Next Big Update

Capcom announced today the next big update for Street Fighter V. Guile will be the next fighter entering the battle, along with his famous jet stage. It's also been announced that there will be a new way rage quitters will be handled to have a better community. More details will be shared soon on this by Capcom.

Star Fox Zero: Battle Begins animated short

Nintendo announced that there will be a Star Fox Zero animated short coming 20th April, along with a Treehouse event showing off Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard. So far it looks great, but I'd love a whole series. Check out the teaser below. 

Batman: Arkham Collection Inbound

Batman: Arkham Collection is arriving this June. Batman Arkham Asylum and City will both be getting upgraded visually, will run smoother and have all the DLC included. 

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