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My Top 14 Tsum Tsums

The Geek Mash crew can vouch for this one...I love Tsum Tsum's. But, what are they exactly? Well, if you've ever walked into a Clintons or Disney store lately, then there's a chance that you have most likely seen them. 

Tsum Tsums are Japanese plush teddies that come in three sizes. A cute alternative to the standard screen-wipes for devices, Tsum Tsums are designed to stack on top of one another. Priced from £3.00 upwards, Disney release two collections a month from their broad range of classic films.

Here's a collection from March, based on Tangled:

Tsum Tsums are released twice a month now, so it's incredibly easy to spend a lot of money. Patience, Iago. Unless you're loaded, adding to your Tsum Tsum collection twice a month just isn't gonna happen, so I had to show some restraint. :P

Here's my own collection so far....

So, what are my favourite Tsum Tsums from my collection? Check them out below!

14. Ewok

Predictably, the Star Wars collection sold out incredibly quickly, meaning that I had a lot of trouble tracking any down. However, thanks to my brother, I did manage to get my hands on this cute little Ewok. Star Wars fans love Ewoks, arguably one of the cutest species in the films epic history, so if I had to choose one from this collection, it had to be the Ewok. Check him out below!

13. Flynn Rider / Eugene Fitzherbert

Of course Flynn had to get a space in my Tsum Tsum list! I love his character. There's something about the cocky, confident, wisecracking characters with a heart that I love. I love Flynn's little face fuzz on this one. Aww! Which leads me on to the next one...

12. Rapunzel

This pretty Tsum Tsum made the list because a) she's wearing purple (gotta love a bit of purple), and b) those flowers are so detailed! Tangled is one of the best Disney films of recent years. The songs are great, the visuals are so vibrant and I love the humour. Now, my mission is to try and track down a Pascal, because that guy has to be bought!

11. Stitch

Aww, little Stitch! My favourite part of this Tsum Tsum is his oversized ears. My boyfriend has the largest version of this one, and the ears are huge! Although I wouldn't place it in my top 5, Lilo & Stitch is an excellent, heartwarming Disney film that is definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it before!

10. Pizza Planet Alien 

I picked up a fair few of the Toy Story collection, purely because Toy Story is one of my childhood favourites. The Alien is my favourite out of this range, purely because, like my reasoning for most in this list, he's incredibly cute!

9. Captain America

The Marvel Tsum Tsums have been great so far. I know a lot of you are surprised I chose Cap rather than Star Lord, but that's purely because Captain America's Tsum Tsum is better made, includes more detail and has the added bonus of his shield! Just look how cute this little fella is. 

8. Flounder 

The Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum set is one of the best collections they've offered so far. Flounder is one of the most vibrant ones available, but he's also incredibly cute. It's a shame I have had trouble finding King Triton and The Little Mermaid for this set, but I'm pleased I managed to pick up Ariel's best buddy.

7. Sebastian

Just look at that little face! Sebastian is without a doubt one of the cutest Tsum Tsums yet. The Little Mermaid ties for the top spot on my favourite Disney films, and Sebastian has always been one of my favourite characters. 

6. Abu

Yay, Abu! This loveable little monkey makes an appearance at number 6 on this list. Aladdin is my favourite Disney film. I have so many fond memories of watching this over and over again, and Robin Williams is one of the best parts of it. Sadly I have had a little trouble finding the Genie in the Disney store so I haven't picked him up yet. I know if I did own him, he would have made it into this list. However, Abu is a worthy addition. He's cute, fluffy and really well made.

5. Tinkerbell 

Out of the Peter Pan set, Tink is my favourite. She's been sewn really well, including a cute face and teeny fairy wings! OK, she may act a little jealous and petulant at times in the film, but I love her!

4. Cheshire Cat 

For anyone who knows me, it would come as no surprise that the Cheshire Cat has made it into my list. He's one of my favourite Disney characters, and as a self confessed 'crazy cat lady', I had to put this stripy pink kitty into my list.

3. Doc 

Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble finding all seven dwarves, but I managed to pick up Doc, along with Grumpy, Dopey and Snow White. Doc is my favourite, as I love that bushy beard and the teeny, tiny glasses! 

2. White Rabbit

Alice In Wonderland has to be one of my favourite Disney films, so this was another collection I had to grab. The White Rabbit is one of my favourite characters in both the film and the book, so he had to make it into this list. Despite the red eyes, he looks pretty cute in his little outfit. Plus, he's so fluffy! 

1. Santa Jack Skellington

I own A LOT of The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, so when the NBC Tsum Tsum collection was announced, I knew I had to get the whole lot. Whilst I love all of them, I think the Santa Jack has to be my favourite. There's something pretty cute about him, and I always love the fluffy Tsum Tsums (which explains why there's a fair few in this list).

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