Monday, 11 April 2016

Strange and Mysterious Places - London

One of the things that people know about me (outside of my inability to stick to deadlines and make wildly unsubstantiated claims while drunk) is I love to travel, be it some of the glorious European cities to the jungles of south America and every place I go to inspires the adventures I design, so I figured I would write a series of pieces on adventure concepts inspired by the places I have traveled to. 

I will give a fantasy, science fiction and a horror scenario based on the same place, remember these are not complete adventures just the base concepts to get your minds working towards creating your own story. 


I love London, the city has so much atmosphere and flavour to it the combination of Gothic architecture with tight cobblestoned streets and glass buildings with open spaces can give the city very distinctive atmospheres depending on the time of day and where you are, combined with legends like jack the ripper and stories like Dracula,the golden compass and Neverwhere London is the perfect place to run an adventure no matter the genre of the game you are running.



1 - The killer is an escaped psychopath who went mad when his wife divorced him, now he hunts down divorcĂ©e's and removes their ring finger. 

2 - A monster is on the lose in London, on each full moon a mist forms and when the sun rises a body is found missing a finger. A dark cult has summoned a demon to kill some key people in the city as each is taken another finger is removed, when all ten fingers are taken the demon will return to its realm.



1 - With a long lasting (and expensive) war waging offshore the noble house of Esmara is seeking to improve its financial position by smuggling in illegal goods into the city of Londineum to sell to criminal groups at a massive profit, unfortunately the crates have gone missing at the docks. A wererat guild have taken the goods into their underground tunnel network (essentially the train underground lines). The adventurers are hired to get the goods back no questions asked. 

2 - One of the noble houses of London's head is a Vampire named Lady Winters, she is preparing a ritual to raise a permanent deep cloud cover over the city so that she and her children can make a coup and take over the city and rule it without fear of the sun, The heroes are called in because one of the crown personal investigators has gone missing and they are ultimately drawn into this dark plot.



1 - The party (a band of bounty hunters) are contracted to hunt down an escaped criminal who has fled to NeoLondon, hidden away in the ancient relic that is the Big Ben tower he has actually been pulling together the information of an alien invasion that has been slowly taking over Earth at its highest level. 

2 - An experiment has gone horribly wrong in the centre of London tearing open a rift in time. The party must travel through the tear closing each rift as they find them while also hunting for the scientist as they begin to suspect the disaster wasn't as accidental as it first appears. Each rift will of course manifest in different ways some will appear to be people others as objects and all of them will be held in the centre of key moments of time.

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