Sunday, 10 April 2016

What Have Geek Mash Crew Been Playing/Watching? #1

We have another new feature coming to Geek Mash once a week. We thought we'd get the community involved a little, as well as share with you what the crew's been playing/watching. Plus, we'd also like to hear what you've been playing/watching this week, and little bit about how you think about it.

So, here's some of the Geek Mash crew...


I've been watching ER. Such a great medical drama and you really feel for all of the characters in there. Great performances from George Clooney and Noah Wyle and I just watched a series 3 episode with guest star Ewan Macgregor. This is around the time he would have been in A Life Less Ordinary. A great film with him and Cameron Diaz about destiny. Very love it or hate it movie though.

I've been playing Phantasy Star Online on The Dreamcast. An awesome game, i've started the game again as a RAnger so he's good with long range weapons plus can use up close beam weapons too. It's been good revisiting this and getting used to the controls again, especially the rhythm of attacks, and feeding and nurturing my MAG is pretty cool.


This week I've been watching Game of Thrones Season 6 with Kayleigh. We've now caught up and can't wait for the new season to start on 24th April. Also, I started the last season of Doctor Who Season 9. So far, I am 3 episodes in and am liking it. Can't wait to watch more.

Gaming wise, I haven't had as much time this week due to work but did play the Unravel demo which was fun and cute. Also, the Trackmania Turbo demo, which is a great arcade racing game that felt a bit like Trials with cars. I definitely need to buy it in the future. 

I also played little bit more of Undertale. It's a fun  unique and great game. I would recommend it to RPG fans, as it has a great set of characters and is very funny. 

Before doing this post, I had a tiny bit of time to try out the new Xbox One exclusive game Quantum Break. I'm only about a hour in and liking it so far. It has some talented actors in it, an interesting time-travel story and fun gameplay mechanics. I can't wait to delve in deeper to find out whats really going on.


This week I finished the last few episodes of Game of Thrones. Me and Casey had been re-watching it, ready for it's return on the 24th April. I can't wait for it to come back! I also finished The Walking Dead, and now we've started Fear The Walking Dead today. Oh man, I almost forgot. Last night, we watched Pixels. It was absolutely terrible!

As for games I've been playing, I've not really had much time this week, but I have been getting to grips with Nintendo's Miitomo app (see the picture below!). I've got Episode 2 of Telltale Games Michonne downloaded. I plan to play this today! I've also downloaded this week's PS+ games, so I'll be checking them out. I really need to get more gaming done!

What have YOU been playing/watching? 

Let us know in the comments below, via our Facebook or Twitter!

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