Friday, 13 May 2016

Feature Friday #7 - Mark Pearce

What got you into art?

I've always love to draw and doodle from an early age. I loved drawing dinosaurs and then I got into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I used to draw the all the time. I also remember making a Where's Wally book at some point, but it was pretty intense so I didn't get very far. At about 14 I got the urge to tell stories and so making comics was a natural progression for me.
Who is your favourite character to draw?
My favourite character to draw is probably one of my own creation. I do a comic called Ronin Dogs and one of the main characters Derek is probably my favourite character to draw. He's a lot of fun.
What do you hate drawing?
Any kind of vehicle I think. Cars, bikes, planes and stuff. They're so hard to get right.

Favourite artists?
There are so many artists I love and that inspire me. I'll try to narrow it down to a few.
Corey Lewis - This guy's work is really fun and kinetic. Check out his comic Sharknife.
Sheldon Vella - This dude's stuff is great fun! Love his colouring too.
Brandon Graham - Love how he uses white space and keeps things simple and clear in his artwork.
Adam Warren - This guy got me into comics and is one of my biggest influences. So much love for this guy.
Katsuhiro Otomo - Don't think I need to explain why I love this guy.
There are many more but I think I'll stop now.
What mediums do you use?
I use a mix of traditional and digital tools. HoweverI've moved to a more digital way of working lately. Using a nice graphics tablet with Manga Studio. It's a bit of a learning curve going full digital but I'm enjoying it a lot.
When you're drawing, what do you put on in the background?
I'm a big heavy metal fan so I'll listen to that as loud as my ears will take. There's also a few podcasts I like that I listen to.
What's your greatest achievement?
Probably publishing 4 issues of my own comic Ronin Dogs. All I ever wanted to do growing up was make comics so the fact that I'm doing it myself off my own back is really cool. I don't have anyone telling what to do and so I got the freedom to take the story wherever I want.

What would you say to any aspiring artists?
Keep it fun! Sometimes I get a bit bogged down in work and I lose the sense of fun that got me into drawing in the first place. When I get like that I try to just ago back to sketching and doodling for fun. I think it's important to keep that child-like enthusiasm in this game.
Do you have any projects lined up?
I'm working on a few things right now that will continue for a while. I'm working on some new artwork right now and I want to get started on a new comic I've got called Voiders, which I can't wait to get into.
Marvel or DC?
Marvel all the way. I love Batman, but other than him I can't say any of the DC characters appeal to me much. Sorry DC.
Chocolate or vanilla?
Depends, if it's cake I'd go for chocolate if it's ice cream I'd go vanilla.

Captain America or Iron Man?
Cap all the way baby.
Finally if you could take any character and draw them in a new comic , who would it be and who would you choose to write it?
I'd love to do a Captain America/Winter Soldier comic written by my good friend Jess Bradley-Bove. I think I know which direction she take the characters and it would be a hoot to draw.

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