Friday, 27 May 2016

Feature Friday #9 - Bradley Fish

What got you into art?

My brothers comic collection and my brother was drawing a lot too. I was always asking him to draw stuff for me like Captain Planet, the baby from Dinosaurs and me as the Terminator. He did an A4 landscape for me once of the Batcave with the Batmobile in there and Jason Todd's costume

Who is your favourite character to draw?

I always love drawing Spider-Man, be it a random doodle or full blown picture. It's the process of getting the body into a style you want then adding the webbing. Love designing new costumes for him too

What do you hate drawing?

Probably feet and hands, they're the most difficult things to get right for me. You can always fudge it with the hands like having Spidey holding his webbing or dynamic action poses but regular hands just no. The thing with feet is if they look wrong, it ends up making the ankle wrong, then the knee, basically the whole leg looks off if you cant get the feet right

Favourite artists?

Frank Quitely, John Romita Jr, Van Gogh, Kinu Nishimura, Brian Bolland

What mediums do you use?

With the normal art it's just a normal HB pencil and paper. I do try inking it sometimes with fineliner but prefer the pencils

Digitial art I use something like Paint Shop Pro or GIMP to either colour and layer to give my pencils more depth, or for pixel art

For my miniatures I use brushes from any model or hobby shop and citadel paints

When you're drawing,  what do you put on in the background?

Generally it's random 70s and 80s music on something like Absolute radio. Sometimes I put on my favourite tracks at random. Most recently my last three painting sessions I've put on the Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

I never put on tv with it because I would get too distracted

What's your greatest achievement?

Just how far I've come with painting my miniatures. I sink a lot of hours into painting them and it's worth it with the compliments I've gotten from friends

What would you say to any aspiring artists?

Just try anything, and don't be afraid to experiment because you may find a unique or satisfying way to get something on paper or any medium for that matter. 

I didn't think I would be any good at painting miniatures or digital art until I tried it

Also, it takes a lot of practice and patience

Do you have any projects lined up?

I've not actually sat down with a pencil and paper for ages and it's something I want to get back into so there's that, plus I have Super Dungeon Explore and a ton of Zombicide miniatures to paint up ready for the gameboard

Marvel or DC?

Marvel with the movies and tv shows. I've got event fatigue with the comics though, especially the whole Green Lantern Blackest Night and Brightest Day comics. 75 issues with all the tie ins and 138 more for brightest day

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate is heavenly, especially anything Galaxy

Captain America or Iron Man?

#TeamIronMan. He kind of has a point with all the destruction and having to be accountable for your actions. Plus come on - millionare, playboy philanthropist in a frikkin suit of armour

Finally if you could take any character and draw them in a new comic, who would it be and who would you choose to write it?

I'd like to see all my years of drawing Spidey pay off, so him and ooooh why not choose the best and have Stan Lee?

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