Monday, 16 May 2016

Geeky News Monday 16th May

Monday 16th May

Nintendo Looking into Movies

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishi revealed that they want to make movies to expand their brands to new audience. Nothing is set in stone yet, but they are in talks with a few companies to get this done. Also, he stated that they know a lot of people want a The Legend of Zelda movie. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. It could bring great things to video games movies, or bad like Super Mario Bros the movie we will see in the years to come.

Sega Wants Shenmue 1&2 HD

Sega has stated that they would love Shenmue 1&2 HD to come to the current generation, but it ain't simple as people think, due to several licensed products in the game. They could simply put made up brands in, but they're looking into what they can do. Maybe they will make new details with these companies or just repaint over them. I hope they do with Shenmue 3 coming out next year. 

Gran Turismo Getting Shown This Week

On the 19th of May, Sony will reveal some details on the upcoming Gran Truism. Hopefully this means it is to released in the near future and not take forever like the PS3 version, which took many years to come. It'll be great to see how realistic the next iteration looks like, and maybe it will involve bikes. Here's hoping.

Disney Infinity Cancelled

Disney last week announced that they are cancelling the Disney Infinity line, as well as closing own Avalanche games. Not only that they are no longer making Disney games, but they're letting other companies handle the Disney properties from now on. 

Unfortunately, Disney cancelled the series due to low sales.

They also stated that they had a few plans for the series which won't be seeing the light of day now, including 12inch figures, upcoming games based on Star Wars: Rogue One, Cars 3, Pirates next movie and many more. 

Is this the start of other companies ceasing to make the same games, or just more profit for the other companies to make now with less competition? Only time will tell. 

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