Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Geeky News -Tuesday 10th May

Tuesday 10th May

New Need for Speed Game Coming 2017

Today, Ghost Games Studio, the developer of Need for Speed's most recent games confirmed that Need for Speed will be returning in 2017. Here's hoping that they make it as good as Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PS3. I loved that game with friends. 

New Pokemon Sun/Moon Trailer and Details

Today, we got our very first full trailer for Pokemon Sun/Moon along with some details. First off, it is being released on the 18th of November in America and the 23rd of November in Europe. Along with that, the starters have been announced as the following:

  • Rowlet - Grass Quill Pokémon, Grass / Flying type, Overgrow ability
  • Litten - Fire Cat Pokémon, Fire type, Blaze ability
  • Popplio - Sea Lion Pokémon, Water type, Torrent ability

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