Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Geeky News - Wednesday 18th May

Wednesday 18th May

New Final Fantasy XV World Trailer

It's finally approaching after all these years, but we finally get to see more and more of Final Fantasy XV. Hopefully the west will get it this year, but until then enjoy the new trailer. It shows more of the gorgeous graphics and set pieces. 

Batman Returns to Arkham Finally Confirmed

Today we finally we got the confirmation that Batman: Return to Arkham is coming. Coming out on the 29th of July, the remasters won't just be simple better resolutions; they have been redone in the Unreal Engine 4 making the game look better than ever. Will include Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and all the DLC.

New Ghostbusters Trailer

I know it is likely to be a let down when it debuts this summer, but here's hoping it's at least ok and makes way for a proper sequel. Here is the latest trailer, showing off some predictable jokes.

Nintendo Setting Up New Plans for the Future

Today, Nintendo gave a little insight for their future plans:

  • Development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and health devices.
  • Development, manufacturing and sale of computer software
  • Management of and investment in eating establishments, stores and entertainment sites.
  • Licensing of intellectual property rights.
Some interesting things there. It looks like the slogan "Quality of Life" will be coming back, and maybe Nintendo restaurants are on their way. It will be interesting to see where Nintendo is in the next few years, especially with their attempts to modernise the company. 

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