Sunday, 29 May 2016

MCM London Comic Con Report - BRAD

MCM ran this weekend 27th-29th of May and with that fellow Geeks flock en masse, dressing up in cool costumes or checking out all the cool merchandise

I've worked it out that since I first started going in 2005 and missing a couple, is that this is my 20th MCM!

Here's my report

What were you most looking forward to?

Just enjoying the day to be honest, and taking it easy. Just been recovering from 4 lots of surgery and 5 weeks off of work so rest of the crew were running around taking photos which is what I did last time

First impressions of the show?

How massive it was. It was twice the size of last years show hall wise, but felt like it was more spaced out

Did you meet anyone there? Celebs, artists, writers?

Chatted to Armoured Brownies again, you can see her Facebook page HERE and Q&A HERE

Also chatted to the lovely people at Rising Star Games, look out for footage of their games soon including Lumo, which is a great new take on old school isometric games on the Spectrum and commodores back in the day

Favourite Cosplay?

Judge Castle, a mash up between the Judges from 2000AD and The Punisher

Favourite thing you bought?

My Pikachu wearing a Gyarados costume. It's an official one from Japan and only cost me a tenner! 

Other stalls had them with different costumes like Mega Charizard EX and Magikarp for £35 so mine was a bargain!

I was happy with everything I got though

Was there something you wished you bought but didn't?

I saw Space Crusade again which is an awesome board game based on the Warhammer 40K mythos but it was £85, more than last time

This time I was more conservative with my money though, and didn't spend it all

Go to any booths at the show? Try any games?

Yeah tried a couple at Rising Star Games. One of which was Lumo where you play as a kid who gets sucked into a videogame

Conga from Rising Star was a multiplayer game where you had you dance around a disco, trying to get people to join your conga line, where the other players try to do the same whilst picking up items that allow you to cut their conga line. A very fun game

Also tried a game called Veterans Online from Nuked Cockroach Studios which was a top down multiplayer shooter, with different weapon choices and characters. Check out the website to sign up to the beta

Another company had the Attack on Titan game. I hadn't seen the show before but knew the concept of it, and really enjoyed swinging around the city, felt like a Spider-Man game to me

Was there anything you wanted to try but missed?

There were a few games I would have liked to try but the queues were too big, mainly for the new Naruto game and Tekken 7

Anything you wish was there?

Not anything I can think of. This MCM has actually been the most comprehensive I've seen

Anything you tried this time you haven't normally at past MCM's?

I tried a lot more games this time which was a lot of fun

Favourite moment of the show?

Just enjoying a stress free day and taking it easy, whilst soaking it all in. I'd say this has to be one of the best of MCM I've been to, and I've been a lot!

What would you cosplay as at future shows given the chance?

I keep wanted to build a mandalorian armour, mashed up with Hot Rod with Transformers

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