Sunday, 29 May 2016

MCM London Comic Con Report - KAYLEIGH

So the MCM Comic Con has just finished! The Geek Mash crew (myself included), went along on Sunday. 

It seemed busier than ever, but we all had a lot of fun. Check out more below!

What were you most looking forward to?

I was looking forward to the Press side of it to be honest. I took a lot of photos, and grabbed some contacts for the Comic Village section, so we can get featuring some fantastic artists! I also was looking forward to hanging out with my friends. 

First impressions of the show?

It's even bigger than it was last time! I think MCM will continue to grow and grow now.

Did you meet anyone there? Celebs, artists, writers?

I saw my usual artist friends (John-Paul Bove and Deakin Brook being two), but for the first time I bought a photoshoot ticket. I got to meet Camilla Luddington, who plays Lara Croft in the latest Tomb Raider games. Pretty cool!

Favourite Cosplay?

This. It just made me laugh!

Favourite thing you bought?

The Zombie Tarot Card box that I got was brilliant! The meanings of the cards have been given a zombie spin, whilst the artwork has a 1950's spin to it...complete with zombies! Not bad for a tenner.

Was there something you wished you bought but didn't?

Actually, I'm surprised that there wasn't much I wanted this time around. I wanted a BMO teddy, but I ended up saving my money.

Go to any booths at the show? Try any games?

I played Rising Star's Conga game with the Geek Mash crew. It was a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what the finished game is like. 

Was there anything you wanted to try but missed?

Not really. I walked around an awful lot in the end. Although, I would've liked to have talked to more of the Comic Village people. Time just went much quicker than expected today!

Anything you wish was there?

I think we needed some more merchandise. A lot of it was repeated over all the stalls, and I saw A LOT of fake merchandise. This is why I didn't buy as much as I anticipated.

Anything you tried this time you haven't normally at past MCM's?

I managed to get talking to people a lot more, so I got photos, handed out business cards, got some email addresses and websites to contact others on, etc. There's gonna be a lot more coming up on Geek Mash there for that!

Favourite moment of the show?

Meeting Camilla Luddington (very briefly) was nice. She was really friendly, and a lot shorter than I thought! Other than that, I loved walking around with my friends, and taking lots of pictures.

What would you cosplay as at future shows given the chance?

I don't really do cosplay. It's expensive, and requires a lot of effort. Hats off to the people who do it though! I was Alice from Alice Madness Returns last comic con, but I went in normal clothes this time. I think I have to get my Lara cosplay done one day. Again, it's time, effort and I'd have to grow out my fringe! :P

As a bonus, here's a quick "unboxing" video I did of some Sabrina the Teenage Witch trading cards Brad picked up for me at MCM. Sorry about the camera angle...should've turned my phone around!

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