Sunday, 1 May 2016

My Harry Potter Studios Trip!

On the 30th April, I took a trip to Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour with my boyfriend and fellow Geek Masher, Casey. I've wanted to visit there ever since the studio opened its doors a few years ago, but I never had the opportunity to visit. Thankfully, as a birthday treat, I got my chance this April! 

As a massive Harry Potter fan (both the books and the films), I was looking forward to seeing all of the props, costumes and sets up close and in person. A lot of the sets seemed smaller than they appeared to be in the films, which was both surprising and impressive. The Great Hall was an example of this! 

It was also pretty bittersweet seeing everything from a series I absolutely love, complete with music from the films piping through the speakers too. I took a lot of pictures, but here's a few below!

Gryffindor Common Room

The Great Hall
Harry's bedroom!
The Burrow, complete with enchanted objects!
Butterbeer 'stache!

The Mirror of Erised 

Harry and Ron's first meeting on the Hogwarts Express

Umbridge's crazy cat lady office
Hogwarts gates! 
Chamber of Secrets door. I couldn't speak Parseltongue, so it wouldn't open for me.
Hogwarts Express
Dumbledore's office entrance
Moaning Myrtle 
Hermoine dummy! 
Making our getaway...look at my face though! :P
Umbridge's office

Diagon Alley
Too true!
Hogwarts Express
Hagrid's animatronic head! I didn't even know they did this. 
Privet Drive
Potions Class with Snape
Hagrid's Hut
Making my entrance into Hogwarts!
Paintings in Dumbledore's office 
Dumbledore's Office
The Black Tapestry 
The Knight Bus!
Our purchases - Dumbledore and Voldemort's wands, a green screen photo, Marauder's Map mug, Crookshanks teddy.
I also filmed a few brief videos whilst walking around. Check out my Instagram (username: 8BitGirl88) to see these! 

And it ended with...
An engagement! Casey proposed to me at the Hogwarts castle, complete with a Harry Potter themed proposal! The answer was yes, of course. Here's what he used:

Quidditch ball set! The ring box became a replacement Snitch!

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