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Brads Top 10s - Special Features

I always love checking out the special features on DVD's and Blu-Rays and in the late 90s and early 2000s the 2 disc edition was something I would try and get, but nowadays all the good stuff seems to be on Blu-Ray

Here's a list of 10 which are my favourites

Unfortunately these aren't always featured on youtube for various reasons so in those cases I've either chosen my favourite scene from the movie or TV show featured, or in the very last case, a cinema sins

Now on with the list!

10. Wet Hot American Summer
 - Fart Track

This adds a fart track to the film, so whenever a character sits down, bends over etc he/she farts. Makes a funny film even funnier

9. Men In Black
 - Scene Editing Workshop

With this feature you can cut several different MIB scenes together, make them perfect like the movies or disjointed as hell. Pick scenes from the farmhouse, morgue or audition

8. Ross Noble - Sonic Waffle - Commentary on the Commentary

Ross noble has a commentary track commenting on his live performance, but to add another layer there's a commentary on top of the commentary. Hilarious stuff

7. Futurama
 - Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

Hypnotoad was introduced as a one off character in the episode 'The Day The Earth Stood Stupid' but soon proved popular

You can watch an entire episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad on the 'Bender's Big Score' DVD, which features a laughter track, advertisements an- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!!

6. Shaun of the Dead
 - The Beatles

On the DVD one of the outtakes has Simon Pegg and Peter Serafinowicz pretending to be John Lennon and Paul Mcartney

5. This is Spinal Tap
 - In Character Commentaries

Spinal Tap has a ton of special features but by far the best one is the in character commentary

4. Robert Rodriguez
 - Any film

Robert Rodriguez loves his special features, and on every one of his films there is a feature called 10 minute film school, teaching you about different filming techniques and on some it has cooking segments

Here's the Texas BBQ from Grindhouse

3. Red Dwarf
 - Backwards Forwards

Backwards is a classic episode where the Dwarfers go through a big swirly thing in space and end up on Earth where the Big Crunch has happened and time is moving Backwards

The episode makes less sense by running this way but it makes way for this cool easter egg, which up until the Smeg Ups videos in the early 90s was only available to people with state of the art filming equipment

2. Back to the Future
 - Tales from The Future

A great making of spread throughout the 3 discs on the Blu-Ray. Lots of behind the scenes footage, including Eric Stoltz as Marty, B-Roll footage, hoverboard footage and lots of interviews. If you're a BTTF fan this is essential viewing

1. Star Wars Episode 1
 - The Beginning

Although the film was pretty poor, the making of Documentary to go along with it is really interesting, showing the whole process of the thing, from casting Anakin and Obi Wan, to early Jar Jar footage using puppets instead of CGI and looking at George Lucas' hopeful face that this is all gonna work

The second film also has a great feature on the CGI characters and the third has 'Within A Minute' that shows you everything involved in just one minute of film making

Green Lantern

The claim to this is the special feature which is the Directors cut

If you've ever seen this film (then I'm sorry), chances are you dont remember the scene at the beginning of the film so I'm gonna bring back all those hateful memories for you

Starts off with Hal waking up then going to his airbase, he is flying in his plane and nearly crashes, whilst having flashbacks to his early childhood of his dad dying in a plane crash

In the "Directors Cut", yep using those quotation marks for a reason, the film starts off with a young Hal meeting Carol at the young age, then shock horror as his dad dies in a plane crash. Cut to Hal waking up then going to his airbase, he is flying in his plane and nearly crashes, whilst having flashbacks to his early childhood of his dad dying in a plane crash


It's just so disjointed and actually the only difference between the two cuts

So what's YOUR favourite special feature?

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