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Brads Top 10s - Twists


I love a good Twist

A well done Twist can make or break a TV Show or film and we take these things for granted sometimes

Here's a look at my top ten favourite twists and thar be spoilers in this here bounty so be careful

10. Fight Club
- Your Name is Tyler Durden

Edward Norton's character cannot sleep, and his therapist says to attend different get together sessions like for testicular cancer to see what real problems are, although the therapist should have not AT ALL said that his problems were small, that's where you get pyschological problems

So he gets addicted whilst attending these sessions when someone else starts attending called Marla who calls him out on attending these things when he probably doesn't even have these problems

Meanwhile he meets Tyler Durden on a plane, a hip guy who people would love to be

He arrives back home to his condo being in an explosion, so decides to call Tyler Durden about it, and there a friendship starts brewing and to get out their frustrations they start a Fight Club


There is a reason that Edward Norton's character doesn't have a name as he himself is Tyler Durden

Watching this through for the first time it kind of comes straight out of left field but there are some great clues scattered throughout, including seeing 5 instances of Tyler before we properly meet him on the plane

It's one of my favourite movie twists

9. Sam Cooke
- Twisting the Night Away

A great song from Sam Cooke. Innerspace introduced me to this great song


The dance move you do whilst dancing to it :D

8. Make Room! Make Room!
- Soylent Green is...

They turned this book about over population in New York into a film, you may have heard of it

It's called Soylent Green

So in the film Charlton Heston discovers the shocking truth, that Soylent Green is....



The twist in the books is that there is no twist, Soylent Green is so called because it's a steak made out of Soy and lentils and the main plot is about the over population

7. Walls
- Twister Lolly

The Twister, along with the Funny Feet, Rocket and F.A.B. lollies are staples of the UK summer holidays


The twist comes from the delicious lemon and lime fruit ice flavours, with a pineapple ice cream center

6. Battlestar Galactica
- All Along The Watchtower

Thoughout the series we discover that robots called Cylons are living amongst us and could be ANYONE

There's a lot of paranoia fueled by this, as the humans have no idea who to trust


One of the oldest members of the group, Colonel Tigh is revealed to be a Cylon. Before this it just seemed to be younger members and there was also the fact at just how old Tigh was

The All Along The Watchtower part comes from the Cylons singing the lyrics to the song, a great moment when you realise what is going on

5. Knights of the Old Republic
- Darth Revan

In this awesome RPG by Bioware, you wake up with amnesia on a ship and discover that you live in a world of Jedi, and find out about the reign of terror that the Sith Lord Darth Revan has brought to many planets


YOU are Darth Revan, mindwiped by the Jedi council on Dantooine

You have a choice though, you could either become a Jedi and forego your old killing ways or usurp your old apprentice Darth Malice who has taken over in your absence and become a Lord of the Sith once more

4. Betrayal at House on the Hill
- The Haunt

Betrayal has you playing as one of six different characters, searching a haunted house and gaining weapons

When you draw an omen card, you pick up a haunted item with mystical powers but you must perform a haunt roll, fail the haunt roll and...


Someone is revealed to be a traitor, depending on the item that failed the haunt roll and where it was discovered.

The traitor then has special rules that he must fulfill to succeed and the rest of the players has to stop him

It's an awesome game with 50 different scenarios, of which me and my friends have only played about 8 sos far. Tremendous amount of playability

3. Invincible
- Omni-Man Reveal

Mark Graysons dad is the Superhero Omni-Man who came to Earth to become it's protector

On his 16th birthday Mark starts showing that he has powers too, he can fly and has super strong and is near invulnerable and decides on the costume and name Invincible


Omni-Man actually came to the Earth to rule over it, and kills the Guardians of the Globe as they would stand in his way and wants to take over the planet with his son at his side

Only thing is, his son doesn't agree

2. The Narwhal
- His Horn

The Narwhal is a majestic creature, with some calling it the Unicorn of the sea, it's a seal like creature with...  


A massive twisted horn. Just look at the thing!

1. Life
- It's Many Twists And Turns

Life is full of twists and turns and you can never underestimate it

Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like nobody’s watching,
and live like it’s heaven on earth.

So what's YOUR favourite Twist?

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