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Feature Friday #11 - Sarah Childs

"Purple Sam: Inspired by the beautiful Samantha Ravndahl, MUA, artwork available through my Patreon"
What got you into art?

I have loved drawing my entire life, I can’t remember a time before drawing. As a young child I would always carry a stack of papers everywhere I went, drawing animals and scenery. I then fell in love with video games and would always pause the screen and try to draw the characters. Now video games and concept art are my biggest inspirations when I am creating.

Who is your favourite character to draw?

Hmm that’s a hard question! As a child I loved drawing and creating my own Sonic characters. I also enjoy drawing Pokemon and Final Fantasy characters/aeons.

What do you hate drawing?

Boring or same-y concept designs. I enjoy designing outfits for exciting characters or trying to bring out a character’s personality, so I much prefer the challenge of intricate details and mixing concepts to create brand new ideas rather than sticking with clich├ęs.

"Gyzra: This is Gyzra, the main enemy from my manga trilogy The Chronicles of Gyzra, available for purchase from my website"
Favourite artists?

DestinyBlue, YuuMei, WLOP, Mikey Carrasco and Irakli Nadar for modern artists. John Singer Sargent, Albert Bierstadt, Leonardo Da Vinci and Herbert James Draper for classic artists. I have many more favourites though, many of which create work for The Artist Lounge Podcast and RedditGetsDrawn!

What mediums do you use?

For traditional art I mostly work with pencils, fineliners, ProMarkers and Sumi Ink. For digital pieces I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD with PhotoShop and Manga Studio. I also enjoy experimenting with Acrylics occasionally.

When you're drawing, what do you put on in the background?

Mostly YouTube. I am subscribed to almost 300 YouTube channels ranging from art advice/tutorial channels like Istebrak and KNKL to health and beauty bloggers, gaming let’s players, D&D streamers and news sites. Working as a full time artist can get quite lonely at times, so hearing people discuss what they are truly passionate about and telling stories keeps my spirits high as I work.

"Bierstadt: This is a master study of Albert Bierstadt's "The Golden Gate", artwork available through my Patreon"
What's your greatest achievement?

Several art projects have been more technically challenging, but I am so proud of my graphic novel series The Chronicles of Gyzra. There are currently two volumes out now, each two hundred pages long, and the final volume is due out soon. The dedication, sweat, blood (yes really) and tears that have been poured into this passion project have been so worth it. I started designing the project when I was 13, released my first book at 17 and after many long hours I am getting close to finishing the series at age 23, so it has taken up most of my young adult life. Every time I hear that someone is inspired by the books it encourages my to continue to create.

What would you say to any aspiring artists?

You can do it! Don’t listen to the negativity around you and in your head, you are creating and that is amazing! Study your fundamentals of art (Proportion and Placement, Form and Construction, Perspective, Anatomy, Gesture, Composition, Values, Colour Theory, Light and Shadow). Draw every day and fill your mind with inspiration. Also, when you are comparing your work to others remember that they are only showing you their best pieces, we all make artwork that we hate and we all started off awful, in the words of Hikaru Utada keep trying, trying!

"Sargent: This is a master study of John Singer Sargent's "Head of a Capri Girl", artwork available through my Patreon"
Do you have any projects lined up?

The Chronicles of Gyzra Truth and Lies, the final manga in the trilogy, is due out at the end of this year. I just launched a Patreon where I will be sharing lots of exclusive artwork and offering artistic advice, critiques and tutoring as rewards to backers. As part of the Patreon I will also be working on lots of new YouTube videos. As well as this fans of The Artist Lounge Podcast, a joint project between myself and Mike Steffen, can look forward to Season Two launching soon! You can catch up on the first Season on my YouTube channel AGamerDraws. Other places to find, Instagram and twitter @Gyzra,,

Marvel or DC?

Honestly, I haven’t watched many movies in general, and am even worse at keeping up with western comics (I’m working on it, I promise!). I have just started watching through as many superhero movies as I can, and have decided to start with Marvel, for completely arbitrary reasons haha! I am enjoying them a lot so far.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely Chocolate, I love chocolate far too much!

"Pokemon Team: This was commissioned at MCM Expo.You can create and order your own fully customisable Pokemon Team using the contact form on the front page of my website or directly through the commissions page on my shop."
Captain America or Iron Man?

I am not very far into the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, I haven’t even reached the second Avengers movie, but I do really love Captain America. I love that he is truly selfless and kind, and always looking out for his friends and strangers alike. I have been very lucky that I have met many people like this in the real world too.

Finally if you could take any character and draw them in a new comic, who would it be and who would you choose to write it?

I love dot.hack//, it’s a little bit of an obsession, and I would love to see characters from that series brought over to the west so that The World could erupt in popularity. Perhaps I would choose Aura and Morganna from that world and hand them to Tsugumi Ohba of DeathNote. I would love to see more about those character’s personalities, how Morganna would scheme to destroy Aura and Aura would gracefully control her world in retaliation, moving her heroes like chess pieces without Morganna noticing. It would be an absolute dream to work with CyberConnect2 on a dot.hack// project!

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