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What Are The Geek Mash Crew Playing/Watching? #6

What have the Geek Mash crew been watching and reading this week? 
Check it out below!


Lately, I've still been watching Game of Thrones. The series carries on being amazing, and I'm loving seeing the series unfold, predictions coming true and twists still leaving us shocked. I don't know what the big cliff hanger will be this season, but I can't wait to find out in 3 more episodes. 

With it being my birthday this week, I got a few presents; games and movies mainly. I watched A Letter to Momo the other day, an excellent anime that was also very touching. I would highly recommend it to anime fans, as it felt a lot like a Studio Ghibli movie. 

I also watched The Hateful 8. Even though it's a little long, I found the movie a gripping and interesting watch from beginning to end, seeing all the characters unfold and wondering how it was going to end. If you're a Quentin Tarantino movie fan, then I would highly recommend it. It got his style all of it and all the parts were played very well and a lot of big actors in it.

Gaming wise, I finally finished Dark Souls 3 for me personally i found it best one in the series, great boss battles, found it more fluid, amazing level design and creatures. I did find the last boss a little easier than some of the ones before it but that could be due to upgrading myself a lot before the final show down. 

Also, I've got the Overwatch bug. I wasn't interested in this game at first, as I'm not a huge player of online shooters these days, but I saw the great reviews so I thought why not, I'll get it, 20-ish hours later I'm hooked. Every moment I had even if was a 30 min break in the first week of playing it I would be on playing a match. I find this is a great game to get people like me who hasn't been playing online shooters lately back into the game. Not only is it fast, fun, colourful and a blast to play, it also has great set of characters all having back stories and none of them being the same in anyway. You can have a different play style with who ever you pick in the roster, you will have your favourites here and there, but I find all them are fun to play. 

Usually, when I'm losing I start getting bored with online parts of the games, but even when losing or winning, I still am addicted to every second of Overwatch. Not only that, I'm usually not the best at shooters, minus a few here and there, but with Overwatch it just clicked. If you're looking for a good online shooter or wanting to get back into the online shooter market, then give Overwatch a chance like I did. Many addictive hours later; you'll be thanking me. 

I also got Doom, Ratchet and Clank and Valkyria Chronicles HD but I haven't had enough play time if at all to say what I think. I played Valkyria Chronicles before on PS3, and it is a great game with a good emotional story.

So, I'm still recovering from a pretty busy trip to Sweden at the beginning of this month, and a hectic work schedule, so gaming has been on the back burner a bit (I think Casey can vouch for me here...I fall asleep a lot in the evenings!). However, I've got back into watching a lot more, and also, I'm becoming more of a bookworm at the moment. 

Watching wise, I've checked out "A Letter to Momo", a Studio Ghibli-esque anime that has all the weirdness you normally expect in a fantasy anime, with a truly touching ending. I've also watched "Game of Thrones", Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" (which, for someone who can't stand westerns, was actually pretty good...albeit a bit slow in places), as well as the Justin Timberlake sci-fi "In Time". This was good, but I felt that it sort of falls a little short. Great premise, but they needed to flesh it out a bit! 

Reading wise, the history geek in me is enjoying "The Taming of the Queen" by Philippa Gregory. I love Tudor history!

I went to the cinema to see the new Turtles film Out of the Shadows.  I really enjoyed it,  had lots of funny moments mostly from Michaelangelo and it felt an awful lot like the 80s cartoons with that and finally seeing Bebop and Rocksteadys on film. I've also been re-watching Dexter,  yeah I know the final√© wasn't up to scratch but been enjoying the ice truck killer in the first series. 

I played Lumo for our review, and I'm playing that again to try and find all the secrets.

I also got Skylanders Superchargers really cheaply and enjoying that.  There's more depth to it than I imagined and all the characters have nice designs
Expect a review soon.

It should come as no surprise but this week I have been mostly playing Overwatch. An amazing FPS with shades of Team Fortress 2 by the makers of World of Warcraft, Blizzard. My favourite characters so far are Pharah, Genji and Torbjorn. Here is a playlist of my favourite highlights that I have had:

This weeks viewing for me has been rather light. I am a creature of habit and now that my TV viewing has been interrupted with end of season breaks for most of the shows that I watch (Arrow, Flash etc...)  I have started to go back and re-watch one of my favourite shows Community. A show about 7 people in a study group getting by in a community college called Greendale.

This week I started watching Preacher. I've seen the first two episodes and I really like it so far. It's an Amazon Original and the episodes are being released weekly. I think it's worth watching if you enjoy True Blood and Supernatural as it has that kind of paranormal flair.
Speaking of True Blood I'm finally getting around to watching the 7th season. I found the 6th one to be disappointing but after 3 episodes this new series seems to be a bit better than the previous one was. Game of Thrones is a weekly one for me too but I'm not too hot on the current series for some reason. I'll stay spoiler free so you won't need to avert your eyes.
In games I've been playing the Dishonoured remaster on PS4 which I'm really enjoying. It's been great to revisit the bleak world and also play the DLC which I missed the first time around. Not bad for a cheeky tenner off Amazon! I've also been playing Overwatch on PS4 a little bit too. It's still really frantic and fun just like the beta. I'm not usually into online multiplayer games but this one has really got it's hooks into me.
The final game on my been playing list is called Duskers. It's a PC game that's played with the keyboard and without the mouse. Its a strange game but I really like it. You're a lone survivor in a space ship and you just have to explore derelict ships with a squad of drones. It's really techy and I'm loving it!

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