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Brads Top 10s - Hot Places

We are currently having a heatwave in the UK and us Brits just can't cope

We are just so used to our rain and grey weather and hope for the summer, but when we do get it we just can't cope

Pigeons burst into flames
Our Tea spontaneously combusts
Our beloved chocolate melts
and tons of liquid pours out of our pores

So with that in mind I though I'd take a look at my ten favourite hot places in media

10. Banjo-Kazooie
- Gobi's Valley

Gobi's Valley is the sixth location visited from Gruntilda's Lair in the original Banjo Kazooie game

Featuring 3 different pyramids, a dog sphinx and a giant golden Kazooie statue

Named after Gobi, a camel in the level that you can torment


Apart from the quicksand, the various tourist photos you could get here would be legendary

Plus in this level bottles teaches you how to run with trainers....hmmmm on second thoughts that would make you WAY too hot

9. Star Wars
- Mustafar

Mustafar is a small volcanic planet located in the Mustafar system on the Outer Rim territories

It has an array of valuable minerals that are mined by the Techno Union and the hiding place of the Trade Federation

Obi-Wan and Anakin had a dramatic battle there resulting in Anakin having his arm and leg cut off and being very badly burned, leading to him being suited up


WAY too hot for my liking

8. Dexter
- Miami

Dexter spends his time as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department by day, and vigilance serial killer by night

He covers his tracks though, by having a small boat called "The Slice of Life" which he uses to dump the bodies into the gulf stream


The various beach locations, lovely properties and great eateries sure would make as a great location for a holiday

Bit worrisome with all the serial killers on the loose though

7. Sonic The Hedgehog
- Lava Reef Zone

The fourth zone in the Sonic and Knuckles games

It is based in a boiling hot network of mines with rocks, rocks, lava and more rocks


Hell no, metal platforms with spikes on? Can you imagine how hot they get?

Plus most rocks just crumble away leading to death by Lava so I'll give this one a miss

6. Terminator 2
- The Foundry

The climactic battle in Terminator 2 takes place here



I love these kind of locations with all their technology and it's really fascinating what they do, plus if I get hot I can always cool down with a quick blast of liquid nitrogen...

5. Doctor Who
- The Fires of Pompeii

The DoctorDonna.... sorry, The Doctor and Donna land here after thinking they've landed in Rome, but unfortunately it's Volcano day

They meet a soothsayer who has heard of Gallifrey, plus some familiar faces that pop up later on in the series (Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond shows up here, and Peter Capaldi who played John Frobisher in Torchwood and The Doctor himself) 


Well when in Rome (or a facsimile of it)

The Volcano is a bit of a problem though

4. Futurama
- Nude Beach Planet

Also known as Planet XXX, it's a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy where it is required that visitors be nude

The Futurama crew came here in Benders Big Score to deliver something to the bartender and catch up on their tans



I mean *ahem* yeah would be quite good I suppose, you just have to look out for Nude Scammers after your credit card details

And look out for them pinching your bum, that's natures pocket!

3. Super Metroid
- Norfair

Norfair is a location on planet Zebes where it is incredibly hot

Samus needed a special upgrade called the Varia suit (the one with the giant shoulder pads) to get through these horrible surroundings


Stick me in the Varia suit and yeah, sure, I'll give it a go

2. The Fifth Element
- Fhloston Paradise

The hotel of a thousand and one follies, lollies, and lick 'em lollies. A magic fountain flow of non stop wine, women and cootchie cootchie coo! 

Upon stepping onto the Fhloston Paradise you are greeted by a Hawaiian music and given a Lei of flowers

With entertainment including opera from Diva Plavalaguna


So long as there's no alien invasion

1. Super Mario Sunshine
- Isle Delfino

Mario and Peach decide to take a vacation to the Island Delfino for a change of scenery but once there Mario is arrested!

It turns out that someone has stolen his identity and is causing mayhem around the islands locations, spreading paint and graffiti everywhere

With the help of Professor E. Gadd's new gadget, Mario ventures out to clear his name


Hell yeah!

Lots of locations to chill out in, including a luxorious hotel resort, plus I could have the gadget on my back to help me cool down with a burst of water

So what's YOUR favourite Hot Place?

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