Friday, 8 July 2016

Feature Friday #15 - Mike Garley

What got you into writing?
I’ve always loved storytelling. I was into comics as a kid but just kind of drifted on to other things as a teenager. After leaving school I started working at a cinema and it was there that I rediscovered my love for comics with Hellblazer - strangely enough after the Constantine film. After a while I decided that I wanted to tell my own stories - a short course in creative writing led on to a Masters in writing, which ultimately led me to where I am today, writing comics for a living.

Comic artists seem to have a lot of favourite artists that are also their inspiration. Do you have any favourite writers that have influenced your work?
Neil Gaiman, early Alan Moore, early Frank Miller, Mike Carey, there’s a whole bunch of people, and not just writers. Bands, artists, computer games, the 80s, there’s lots of things that influenced my work.

You've had experience on Kickstarter. How has running a Kickstarter campaign been for you?
Ugh. I hate running Kickstarters. Kickstarters are so much work and they eat up all your time and energy - they’re super stressful too, which is something you can’t really appreciate until you run one yourself. The reason I’ve run so many (four so far) is that it’s AMAZING for connecting you with an incredibly supportive and passionate group of people.

When you're writing, do you put anything on in the background? If you do, what is it normally?
Sometimes I’ll write in somewhere with a bit of an atmosphere like a coffee shop, but if I’m writing at home I’ll either listen to the radio or to some music. OSTs are great as there’s not normally a lot of singing in them that can be really distracting.

What's your greatest achievement?
As a writer? I don’t know. I’m not sure that’s really my place to say. I’m really proud of what Josh and me have managed to do with The Kill Screen, and working on Adventure Time was a career highlight. 

What would you say to any aspiring writers?
Write. Stop reading this and write. 

Do you have any projects lined up?
I’ve just started scripting the second volume of The Kill Screen, and I have SGT Steel on Tapastic (with Andy W. Clift).

Marvel or DC?
I’m wherever the stories are, regardless of publisher.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Pretty much a draw. Can I add rum/coffee/pancake/bacon?

Captain America or Iron Man?

Finally, if you could take any character and include them in a new comic, who would it be?

Probably a hard-boiled detective comic with Bizaro. I think that would be hella fun. I’d love to do small arcs (2-4 issues) with different artists on each arc.

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