Friday, 15 July 2016

Feature Friday #16 - Darren McDaid (A Beads C Start)

What got you into beading?

I have been making pixel art in my spare time using Microsoft Paint but when fining out about the beads I had an idea to make sprites from my favourite games using them and decided to make my own Geeky christmas tree.

Who's your favourite character to create?

It depends on what my current inspiration is, or obsession I should say, I have a type of OCD that makes me obsess over different forms of media, one day it could be the Ninja Turtles and the next day it could be Batman, recently I made a load of sprites from the game DOOM however.

Anything you've not been keen on making?

Usually bead sprites I have very little passion in or sprites I've made by the thousands, I cant tell you how many Mario's or Sonics I've created over the past 5 years, would be scary to get an actual sum of the total amount of each haha.

Favourite artists?

Ive always been a keen artist and my favourite artist has to be Boris Vallejo, I first came across his work when I was a teenager collecting Fleer marvel cards in the 90's some of my favourites by him were the X-Men, strange when I found out that my mum was also a huge fan of his and she had several books of his work, my favourite book was one called Mirage. 

When you're creating pixel bead art, what do you put on in the background?

Usually either music from videogames or I binge watch (or more listen) TV box sets, I sometimes have movies on in the background, I don't like working in silence as its not a good motivator for me.

What's the biggest piece you've created so far?Hmm thats a tough one, if its a single piece it must be the Michaelangello and April O'Neil piece but I have made a mario screen by making core elements of the screen and not background, I would love to make a full sized screen one day when I have the materials, space and time.

What's your greatest achievement?

I have been very lucky in my venture as I have met some wonderful people including John Romero the creator of DOOM and the Oliver Twins who made my favourite childhood game series Dizzy, my work also appeared in Games Master magazine.

What would you say to any aspiring beaders?

Never look at a task and think its too difficult, the more difficult the challenge the more rewarding the goal, never neglect shading and always inspire to create better and most of all enjoy it.

Do you have any projects lined up?
I have too many to count, I never run out of inspiration as I have many sprites, screens and pop culture pieces in my to do list.

Marvel or DC?

Im a comic book fan through and through, I love both but I must admit I can lean more to DC at times

Chocolate or vanilla?


Captain America or Iron Man?

Batman, always Batman.

Finally, what's your favourite game?

This can change depending on my gaming mood, however my favourite genre is Horror and Castlevania is my favourite game series.

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