Saturday, 13 August 2016

Collector Corner #1 - Joseph Blythin

What do you collect?


How long have you been collecting?

Probably since the age of 8, when I got a NES for my birthday. My family wasn't all that rich so when the SNES was released, we couldn't afford one and I continued to get NES games well into them becoming obsolete! I didn't mind this at all, because pretty soon, games were dirt cheap and my humble NES collection grew and grew!

What was the hardest item to find in your collection?

I have a pretty attractive copy of Snatcher signed by Hideo Kojima..😉

Any items you want but aren't able to get a hold of?

At the moment, Turtles Tournament Fighters on the NES. It's ubiquitous on all other consoles, but to find a complete in box, English speaking version for a fair price (it's not the best game) is a pain in the ass.

What's your favourite memory of the collection?

I'm blessed to still have the friends I have grown up gaming with, so many memories are from when I was a kid. Arguing with my friend in the Turbo Tunnels of Battletoads, searching for level 0 in Toejam and Earl, lengthy playground discussions concerning the completion of Rainbow Palace in Bomberman 64-specifically Doom Castle. If I had to pick one, it would be my 13th birthday; I'd come home from a retreat in Rome to find my Mum and Dad had bought (and set up for me) an N64 with Shadows of the Empire. I then stayed up through the early hours replaying Hoth over and over..

What would you say to people thinking of starting a collection?

As game collecting is becoming more and more popular, it's harder and harder to find games actually worth what you're paying. I'd always advocate collecting CIB (complete in box), but that's because I'm a sucker for an instruction manual. If that doesn't bother you, it is a LOT cheaper to find loose carts everywhere and anywhere. Never walk past a charity shop without having a look, you never know...

Why do you keep collecting?

I am constantly finding hidden gems that I had never heard of before! In forums, magazines, websites - there is always an obscure Japanese release that I want to play.

Is there any way your collection would be complete?

I don't think so. If I were to get the few remaining Castlevania games I needed, I'd probably be more content. But I don't think il ever stop!

What's your favourite item?

Well it's not rare, it's not even official..but I have a fake Mega Man 10 press kit that I love. The packaging is a NES game box using the same artwork by Capcom, with a NES cartridge inside, housing a playlist to accompany the game. It was created for me by an ex-Dreamworks animator that I follow on Instagram, to compliment my Official Mega Man 9 press kit. He also threw in a Mega Man Garbage Pail Kids card he designed and made - which is awesome!

Marvel or DC?

Marvel all the way. I just prefer the colourful roster of villains. And if we're talking about retro games-DC didn't really bring anything that notable to the table.

Chocolate or Vanilla?


Captain America or Iron Man?

Captain America. I've said it before, and il say it again, Robert Downey Jnr needs to be taken down a peg..

And finally, If you won the lottery, and could make your perfect item from the series, what would it be and why?

I'd commission another 2D Metroid. I need Dread, and I'm sick of waiting!!

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