Saturday, 10 September 2016

Collector Corner #4 - Casey Wingate

What do you collect? 

Hot toys very highly detailed figures 

How long have you been collecting? 

Little over a year now, my first ever one was the batman armoury with Alfred. 

What was the hardest item to find in your collection? 

So far has to be pirates of the Caribbean jack sparrow cost me and bit but it was so worth it. 

Any items you want but aren't able to get a hold of? 

Would love to get Heath ledger joker what comes with table etc but it is worth like £500 now, sadly I saw it once in shop for £200 but I wasn't collecting then as was years ago. 

What's your favourite memory of the collection? 

When I opened my first ever hot toy and saw how amazing they looked. 

What would you say to people thinking of starting a collection? 

If want amazing collectible what looks like the real life thing then go for it but be warned it is expensive hobby. 

Why do you keep collecting? 

As love how great they look on my shelf.

Is there any way your collection would be complete? 

Never will be as they always releasing a cool new figure 

What's your favourite item? 

Favourite item so far is jack sparrow comes with so much and is a show piece. 

Marvel or DC? 

Marvel all the way, do like dc still but marvel has my main man spiderman 

Chocolate or Vanilla? 


Captain America or Iron Man? 

Captain America surprisingly as used to not like him but since the movies love cap 

And finally, If you won the lottery, and could make your perfect item from the series, what would it be and why? 

Think at the moment would love a full 1/6 scale Death Star with many of the famous scenes from the movies 

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