Saturday, 24 September 2016

Collector Corner #6 - Jack Powis

What do you collect? 

I am an avid collector of many things and have a slight obsession when i do start a collection. I collect anything fallout related and recently bought a glass cabinet to present my collection in. Ever since fallout 4 was releases the amount of merchandise released has been crazy and i've been just as crazy buying as much of it as possible. I also collect all the superhero related blu rays and dvds whether it is films, tv shows or animation, as long as its superhero related it'll end up in the collection. I have also started a pokemon dvd collection and have recently bought a multi region blu ray player for the privilege. As you know disney sell tsum tsums and i have made sure that i have got every star wars and marvel tsum that has been released. I also have a huge graphic novel collection but then again dont we all haha. 

How long have you been collecting?

I have always had a collective nature to me even straight back when i was a little nipper, if we are talking about the collections i just mentioned then i suppose fallout i started collecting about 2008 when fallout 3 came out. The superhero blu rays i have collected since iron man came out so about the same time 2008. The tsums tsums are more recent and i have been collecting them since last year. The graphic novels have been collected pretty much since i was a kid as i've always loved superheroes.

What was the hardest item to find in your collection?

In the fallout collection i have mystery minis which are the small figures made by funko, the same company that does the pop figures. Anyways they released a fallout range of mini figures in boind boxes and three of them were only exclusive to gamestop in America. They were a deathclaw, female wanderer and the vault boy pyro perk. Needless to say i found this on good old trusty ebay. However the price was lets just say eye watering for them individually and i don't like to think about it haha. Needless to say i have them and i don't regret it in the slightest.

Any items you want but aren't able to get a hold of?

There is a fallout power armour figure produced by the hot toys company in which you can take the armour apart piece by piece. The armour also has a light up led light on it, however this figure is priced at around £350 sometimes higher, so yeah i'd say i can't get hold of this purely for the price.

What's your favourite memory of the collection?

When fallout 4 was released and i managed to pre order the pip boy edition of the game, i was on cloud 9 as the next day the pre orders sold out. I pre ordered this back in june when the game was released november that year so i had plenty of waiting. I got invited to the fallout club page on facebook as i ordered through game and it was great seeing peoples posts of their collections and build up to the release of fallout 4. I was at work when the game was delivered and made sure someone was in when it came, my nan done a morning shift at my house and my dad done the afternoon shift. I was serious about getting the pip boy edition on the day and was pumped all day at work because of it.  

What would you say to people thinking of starting a collection?

Have fun and enjoy as collecting stuff makes people happy and its a great thing to have and to expand on hobbies. I'll also warn them how expensive it can be haha.

Why do you keep collecting?

Like i said in the previous question, its makes me happy and there is nothing like adding a new item to a already huge collection.

Is there any way your collection would be complete?

My star wars and marvel tsum tsums technically is complete at the moment until they decide to release more. Also my fallout collection hasn't got much left to complete it but they always seem to constantly release merch.

What's your favourite item?

Definitely the pip boy, i love this item so much and it has a great story about how it was waiting for me when i got back from work. I love wearing it and the little vault tec stand it comes on looks very plush. Also this pip boy really did excel my collection and obsession will fallout greatly.

Marvel or DC?

That is a tough one, thats like telling a mum to pick which kid, i love marvel and i love dc equally. However purely for the fact that i grew up liking spiderman and fantastic four i'll have to say marvel. But this doesn't mean i don't love dc as much, think batman!!! 

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Definitely chocolate, milkshakes especially 

Captain America or Iron Man?

Iron man all the way, people say cap lead the avengers but i think tony stark does.

And finally, If you won the lottery, and could make your perfect item from the series, what would it be and why?

I would definitely get some novels published for fallout graphic novels and books, because i feel the fallout universe needs expanding and needs mixed forms of media to explore it in. There has only been one fallout graphic novel released with the new vegas collectors edition. Also i would love a fallout tv series and a film so that too.

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