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Geek Mash's Top 5 Games of All Time

Everyone has a favourite game or two stored away in their collection. Games make our 'top 10' lists for a variety of reasons. Whether it's due to the sense of nostalgia, perhaps it reminds you of a particular moment, you love the story, the graphics, the gameplay, the music. For whatever reason, they've become your favourite games. 

So, Brad, Casey and Kayleigh got together and shared their Top 5's. How many of these do you agree on? 


It was incredibly hard to write this as there are games which I think that are good, but rarely go back to, then games I always love playing but wouldn't think of putting them in my top 5 and my top 5 is always changing as well apart from my all time favourite #1.

So here's some kind of top 5.

5 - Crackdown (XBox 360)

You start off as a basic soldier but through shooting bad guys, driving and shooting you level up your character, making them beefier, and able to jump tall buildings in a single bound. When you level up your driving the Agency cars transform in really cool ways too. It was always fun just putting on the 360 music ability and driving along to your own tracks.

4 - Sonic and Knuckles (Megadrive)

The 4th entry in the series and the 1st time you could play as Knuckles who had a glide and a wall climb ability so his levels played out slightly differently to sonic. With the special cartridge you could also plug in Sonic 3 to unlock the full game (Sonic 3 was split into Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles in development) where if you get 14 Emeralds you unlock Hyper Modes for the characters instead of Super modes.

Plus if you plugged in any game you could play a level from the game Blue Sphere which are the S&K Special zones, or with the Sonic 1 game plugged in you could play 134,217,728 levels.

3 - Killer Instinct (SNES)

There are fighting games like Street Fighter and the Marvel vs Capcom series that I always enjoy playing but nothing compares to Killer Instinct.

I first played it in the Arcade at Stansted Airport when it was going to come out on the Ultra 64. The name changed to Nintendo 64 but the game eventually came out on the SNES with massively downgraded graphics but I didn't care.

The combo system is superb and there are finishers if done correctly called Ultra Combo's that do at least 20 hits to your opponents. Superb soundtrack too.

2 - Blast Corps (N64)

In this game you are making a path clear from anything to stop an escaped missle from crashing into things and exploding using various cars, machines and mech suits to knock down buildings.

That powerslide you had to do with the Backlach though is still so annoying.

This game from Rare was just so fun and has stuck with me and was one of the reasons I bought an Xbox One to play the game again on Rare Replay.

1 - Super Metroid (SNES)

This game to me is perfection. After the intro you are placed on a planet with just your gun arm and your ship for company and have to explore on your own, finding your path and tons of secrets.

A lot of games use the same method that this and Castlevania were made famous for, where you can use items in previously explored locations to open up more of the game.

You can read my whole thoughts on the series in my review here.

Honourable Mentions: Burnout 3 Takedown, Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim,  Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Solid 5,  Phantasy Star Online, Secret of Mana,  Streets of Rage 2,  Super Mario 64


5 - Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS4/PS3)

After many years of waiting after Grand Theft Auto 4, we were finally treated to the 5th instalment, and it was worth the wait. Not only did it improve in many ways what the previous entries did, but it also added so many new things to the franchise.

It added the great ability to play as 3 characters whenever you want with a quick switch to another character. It also intwined all 3 characters stories together to be one very entertaining story. All 3 characters are great, and have a little something different, whether that be in the gameplay or their personality, that make them unique. 

On top of the great characters and story, the world felt way more alive with something happening around every corner to enjoy, tons to explore and crazy amount of activities to do. We also got improved vehicle handling, huge open world to explore, better shooting mechanics and loads of stuff to keep you busy for many hours.

On top of the amazing single player, we were introduced to even better multiplayer than the 4th game. This time, we were allowed to join friends in missions, bank heist, races and much more. With the online constantly getting updated with new things to do, buy and see. I have spent so many hours in Grand Theft Auto 5 single player and multiplayer and still has me coming back after all this time. Will likely till the 6th instalment comes out. Hands down one of my favourite open world games out there.

4 - Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)

Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita was a sleeper hit for me. I know many people said it was a great game, but I didn't think it was gonna drag me in this much. I was completely engrossed in its world, characters and story. 

This is one of the best RPGS I have played being around 60 hours long i played a couple hours every night till I completed it.

The combat was fast fun and kept me engaged the whole way and never felt like it was a chore or a grind at all. 

The characters are some of the best out there making you actually feel like your close to them and they are actually your friends. Making you laugh, smile and sad during the lengthy story. 

Not only do you have RPG fighting monster moments, you also have loads side stuff including hanging out with friends, trying to date one of the cast and more. 

I can't wait until Persona 5 comes out. I just hope the long wait is worth it. 

3 - Uncharted 4 (PS4)

I have been a big fan of the Uncharted series since the first one on the PS3. It was a modern day Tomb Raider series before that got reinvented. 

The first game was great and allowed many dramatic action sequences and lovable characters. The second game came out in the series and was my favourite in the series for so long playing it many times until Uncharted 4 came out. I had to think very hard if I loved the second or fourth one more, and when it finally came down to it, I chose the fourth one for a few reasons over the second. 

The first of course is the graphics are outstanding in every moment of the game, they give many variety of locations and everyone blows you away.

I liked that there were no supernatural things in the story. This wasn't bad in the previous games, but I like this one as it was basically a cool pirate story. 

The characters had way more variety of emotions, making the characters more believable and relatable. 
The action scenes were even bigger, more beautiful and better.

Big open world segments what allowed for many different situations to play out going against enemies and even being able to entirely miss a encounter.

I found myself totally wrapped up the series in such a great way that when the series ended, I definitely wanted to pursue it again.

If you have a PS4, then this is a must-play game. Good length, beautiful, great story, lovable characters and fun gameplay all in one amazing package. 

2 - Beyond Good and Evil (PS2)

This was a huge sleeper hit for me. I got it in a double pack with Prince of Persia reboot on the PS2 and I was more excited for that game, but once I started Beyond Good and Evil, I didn't touch Prince and Persia for ages until I finished this amazing game. 

This game contains a great set of characters, lovely emotional story, fun varied gameplay.

The gameplay contains plenty of different elements-Zelda-style dungeons, fun combat, puzzles, photography, ship piloting, shooting, racing and stealth. This game has it all and never leaves you bored. This is why I have played this so many times and not only that but every time I do play it, I do all the side missions. 

People are crying out for a sequel, which keeps getting hinted at, but never gets a confirmation apart from that trailer years ago. Since then we have had nothing, but hopefully one day we will as I know the creator is desperate to get it out there. 

1 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

My number 1 is extra special to me as it was the first Legend of Zelda game I completed. I did play the Gameboy ones (unfortunately didn't have a NES or SNES), but I never finished them. 

Once I started Ocarina of Time, I was totally invested loving every inch of the world, collecting all the heart pieces and doing all the side quests. 

The world for the time was so beautiful to explore, had tons of variety in what to see and had great good vs evil story with a couple twists along the way. 

I loved how many dungeons there was to explore, and all the great new equipment you can discover to help you along the way. 

This was the game that got me to love the series, and is my all time favourite series of all time. I still come back every year or two to explore this engrossing world and still holds up to this day for me from every character I meet and every area I explore. 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was so magical for me at the time I was very sad to finish it. I have loved every Zelda game since but each one since has had one tiny bit here and there what wouldn't top Ocarina of Time for me. Maybe the next Zelda game will beat it and looks like it is trying to really expand what The Legend of Zelda is so here is hoping they exceed. 

Honourable mentions: 
Okami, Resident Evil 1 and 4, Bioshock, Shadow of Colossus, Shenmue 1, Skies of Arcadia, Last of Us, Paper Mario Thousand year old door, Kingdom Hearts 1, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.


5. Tomb Raider (2013)
I would've put one of the earlier ones, but to be honest, I'm not amazing at them! I plan to go back and replay them though, so I've actually made it through. I watched my dad complete all of the early games though, and I really enjoyed watching them in their entirety. There's something about the reboot game in 2013 that I love. Rise of the Tomb Raider vastly improved on everything this game set out to create, but the initial reboot will still take the spot for me. It reinvented Lara, letting us see her origins from the beginning with brand new gameplay. People were worried that the Tomb Raider series was in danger of getting stale, and this is just the breath of fresh air it needed! Also...Lara Croft is awesome.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This one often makes it onto a lot of gamers favourite's lists, and with good reason too. Ocarina of Time is a fantastic game. Highly polished, and a strong adventure, this is one of the Zelda series' high points. Again, I'm a sucker for a good soundtrack, and Ocarina wins on that front, too.

3. Fable II 
A lot of people hate Fable games, or at the very least, sort of like them, but have trouble seeing past their flaws. Yes, the series is historically buggy, but there's an excellent game buried underneath if you're willing to overlook this. Although I love the first one, Fable II remains my favourite. I loved the characters, the quests were a lot of fun and I found I pumped a lot of hours into this, opening Demon Doors, discovering secrets and getting the 1000G achievement score.

2. Lost Odyssey
This is a game that is totally underrated!  Released on the Xbox 360, Lost Odyssey spanned across 4 discs, where the player takes control of an immortal named Kaim, along with his party of friends and family members. Your aim is to restore peace to the land. This RPG has plenty of exploration, humour (thanks, Jansen), and one of my favourite soundtracks. I'm hoping it's made backwards compatible on the Xbox One soon!

1. Link's Awakening
I credit Link's Awakening for getting me into the Zelda series, as well as getting me into gaming in general. I first watched my dad play through it. Not strictly in the Zelda timeline, it's set on Koholint Island, a peaceful dream place that is suddenly disturbed by nightmarish creatures when the Wind Fish's dreams turn nasty. In order to escape the island, Link must gather instruments to wake up the Wind Fish and restore peace to the island. It's a little sad though, as it's the Wind Fish's figment of imagination, so the island disappears when you wake him up. Complete the game on a "good" ending, and Marin is reincarnated as a seagull. 

It's a lot darker then you think it'll be, but I love it. I love the Nintendo references, the music is memorable and it's just a brilliant retro Zelda game. Pick it up on the 3DS eShop if you haven't played it before!

Honourable mentions: Super Mario World, Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Dragon Warrior Monsters, Super Mario Sunshine.

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