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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Q&A

It's Star Trek's 50th Anniversary!

Created by Gene Roddenberry, the show originally aired on CBS on the 8th of September 1966 and on Canada's CTV network on the 6th

Due to its success it spawned a franchise with so far 13 feature films, 5 tv series with a 6th in development, numerous books, games, toys and is now considered one of the most popular and influential tv shows of all time

A few of the crew take a look at the series as a whole


Favourite movie:
Only seen the reboots, and I thought Into Darkness was pretty the first one! Interested to see the new one though. 

Favourite character: 
Hmm...I don't really know them well enough to give this one a proper answer. 

Favourite captain: 
I only know Picard or Kirk...I haven't watched it, but I'll go with Picard as its Patrick Stewart!

Favourite race: 
I might not have seen this race before looking them up now, but that look is so unique. Check out that spoon head! (The Cardassians)

Favourite tech in the series: 
The teleporter thing (sorry Trekkies, I don't know what it's called). That'll be so handy to get around! 

If you were on a starship what position would you pick : 
Not sure on the position, but no doubt I'd be a red shirt. I'm too damn clumsy!

What does Star Trek mean to you?: 
If I'm being honest, I've never actually watched any of the series or original films...I've just watched the JJ Abrams reboots. It's never really been something I've really been interested in investing in, in all honesty. Not sure why...I never got into Battlestar Galactica, so I just figured I'd be the same with this. My Dad used to watch it a lot when I was little, and I remember he had a Tribbles t-shirt! I think he appreciates it much more than I ever would. :) 


Favourite Series? 
Only seen the first season of the original so I will have to go with that.

Favourite Episode? 

Think has to be the one with the space cloud I think it was as was something different.

Favourite Movie? 

The 1st one out of the new ones as only seen the new ones but am excited to see beyond as hearing good things.

Favourite Character? 

Kirk as love the way he acts as so over the top

Favourite Captain? 

Kirk as never saw the other one

Favourite Race? 

The Ferengi. I like their big ears, and if I remember rightly, they talk funny

Favourite Tech in the series that you want in everyday life? 

Teleported as be so convenient with every day life.

If you were on a Starship, what position would you have?

Don't know really guess the pilot as be fun to fly the ship

What does Star Trek mean to you? 

Sorry to say not too much as didn't get into it too much, I can see why people love it but I grew up more with Star Wars :) 


Favourite Series?
Star Trek Voyager. With the combination of the characters and the setting with the crew being on the other side of the galaxy, I really got into the series. A lot of people would say why not DS9 but I couldn't really get into it

Favourite Episode?

I never watched Enterprise so I'll be leaving that out

Original - Mirror, Mirror
A transporter malfunction sends Kirk to an alternate universe wherein he meets evil counterparts on the ship. This is also where the trope originated of evil counterparts having a goatee, like Spock in the episode

Next Gen - Yesterday's Enterprise
The Enterprise C comes through a temporal rift from the past leading to a change in the timeline, and the return of Tasha Yar! The Enterprise D in this timeline is more militaristic 

Deep Space 9 - Trials and Tribble-ations
This was done for the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek. The DS9 crew are sent back in time to the time of the original series (with the episode "The Trouble With Tribbles"), and there are tribbles about and a plot to assassinate Captain Kirk. They have to save Kirk whilst maintaining the timeline, or face the wrath of the Temporal Agents

Voyager - Tuvix
In a transporter accident (yep, this happened quite frequently :D ), Tuvok and Neelix are merged together. The Doctor keeps working on a way to split the two again but in the meantime the crew get to know Tuvix and his combined memories of both crew members and skills makes for a better crew member. When the time comes to split him in two again, this causes a dilemma as Tuvix doesn't want to, and Janeway has to come to a tough decision

Favourite Movie?

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

A giant space probe shows up that's currently destroying the Earth with a signal being sent out

Due to some investigation from Spock and some signal control from Uhura, we find out that the signal sounds like the call of a humpback whale underwater, but the probe will not receive a reply as the human race has in their stupidity hunted these whales to extinction

The crew decide to travel back in time to 1980s San Francisco to pick up a couple of whales and save the day

Sounds ridiculous but the film is genuinely funny with many great moments from Spock who is still trying to find himself after dying in Wrath of Khan and being reborn in Search for Spock, plus thoughtful discussion about Whale hunting and conservation

Favourite Character?

Original - Spock. It's hard to describe just what it is about him. It could be his cold hard logic, the half human side showing through and his uncontrollable emotions of his Vulcan side at certain times but in all I think it's just simple why I love him so much - Leonard Nimoy

Next Gen - Geordi. It was around the time that I started getting into Trek that I also started to wear glasses. Geordi's visor was impairing to him but provided him with a lot more ways of seeing things plus it looked pretty cool

Deep Space 9 - Jadzia Dax. An incredibly unique character. A wise old sage in the body of a young woman. She brought a lot of interesting dynamics to the series with having her previous personas building on her character

Voyager - B'Elanna Torres. Half Klingon and Maquis member forced into the role of chief engineer. One of my favourite episodes of Voyager is the episode "Faces" when she is split into her klingon and human sides. Her growing relationship with Tom really developed her as a character

Overall I'd have to go with Spock

Favourite Captain?

Benjamin Sisko

In the Battle of Wolf 359 with Locutus of Borg (Picard), his wife dies in battle against the Borg. I feel this gives Sisko a bit of an edge not seen in other Captains and I love the fact that you see it right at the beginning of the series, rather than happening half way through. It gives an interesting spin on the character

Favourite Race?

The Trill

A humanoid species that are joined with a slug like symbiont. The resulting joined Trills have the memories of every other joined member of that symbiont, and in some cases the personalities

The only trouble with the Trill is for the symbiont to go into a new host, the previous one has to die

Favourite Tech in the series that you want in everyday life?

I would say the transporter but fuck that, the thing keeps malfunctioning!

So I'm gonna go with the replicator. We would solve world hunger, but also wastage at the same time, the replicator would just convert it into energy

If you were on a Starship, what position would you have?

I'd be a science officer. Love me some science and I would get an awesome blue shirt!

What does Star Trek mean to you?

It means being better than we are. Gene Roddenberry's original vision was us coming together and doing something with our lives and having something to strive for and exploring the unknown

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