Friday, 30 September 2016

Top Legend Of Zelda Games

I asked several people (13 plus me) what their top 5 favourite Legend of Zelda games were in order from the list here
I tallied them up to see what the number one Legend of Zelda game would be, and the #1 may surprise you

I told them the rules which were as follows

In 1st place will get 5 points
In 2nd place will get 4 points
In 3rd will get 3 points
In 2nd place will get 2 points
Til 5th place gets 1 point

Remake and original count as the same game i.e. Links Awakening and Links Awakening DX. Wind Waker and Wind Waker HD etc

In the case of a game getting the same amount of points, the one with fewer votes gets placed higher

Thanks to Casey, Kayleigh, Dave, Stuart, Joseph, Myles, Max, Paul, Matt, Neil, Dan, Stefan and Eric for taking part


15. Oracle of Ages
(3 points with 2 votes)

14. Spirit Tracks
(3 points with 1 vote)

13. Breath Of The wild
(4 points with 1 vote)

12. The Minish Cap
(7 points with 3 votes)

11. A Link Between Worlds
(9 points with 5 votes)

10. Adventure of Link
(9 points with 3 votes)

Joint 8. Skyward sword
(11 points with 4 votes)

Joint 8. Legend of Zelda
(11 points with 4 votes)

7. Phantom Hourglass
(11 points with 3 votes)

6. Majora's Mask
(15 points with 5 votes)

5. Twilight Princess
(17 points with 8 votes)

4. Link's Awakening
(17 points with 4 votes)

3. The Wind Waker
(20 points with 8 votes)

2. A Link To The Past
(21 points with 5 votes)


1. Wand Of Gamelon
(51 points with 13 votes)

LOL Joke


Of course the all time #1 is

Ocarina of Time
(51 points with 13 votes)

So final thoughts

I asked a further 8 people but they had only played Ocarina of Time so they couldn't take part. All those people said they really enjoyed it though

2 people didnt vote for Ocarina in their top 5's at all

Link's Awakening fans are very passionate about it, with it being so high with a low amount of votes

Joint 8th games Legend of Zelda started the whole series game wise and Skyward Sword started the whole series story wise

Only one person voted for Spirit Tracks (it was Matt, his comment next to it was "YAY TRAINS")

1 person voted for Breath of the Wild which isn't even out yet

So what's YOUR favourite Legend of Zelda game?

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