Monday, 31 October 2016

How I Made My Cosplay: Step by Step

When I was at MCM this year, loads of people stopped me and asked me how I made my costume so I thought I would do a quick step by step on how I made it.

The first thing I did was to buy a infaltable chicken costume from Amazon, I ripped out the motor as there was no way it could handle all the weight of all the feathers, and last all day.

I bought 10kg of micro fibre to fill out the whole body, even the tiny sections to make it be able to stand by itself without having to hold up the head.

After I got all the body filled, I ordered 2500 feathers of yellow and yellow burnt feathers to stick all over the body with fabric glue. It took many hours to add each feather (20ish hours), but it made the whole costume look better and more like the real thing, I layered the feathers from front to back and made the belly, plus the underside more all over the place to give it some variety.

After I did all the feathers, I wanted to make the legs look like the character was in a suit as I was doing my version of Cid in a suit for Final Fantasy 15. I bought 10 foot of black fabric which I cut out in a shape to wrap around the legs and lower part of the body and i glued it all to the parts i need to but had to hold in place with safety pins until it held together. I also painted the feet black for shoes and had small black cord to make the laces.

For the face, I didn't feel like the beak looked right so I bought a chicken mask and cut out the beak to make it look more realistic. I also cut up one of my old belts to make the face harness and added the rings which I bought from Hobbycraft to make it look more like a face harness.

The final piece of my cosplay was my weapon, as Cid always had a spear with him so I bought a cheap halloween prop spear from Amazon, then wrapped it with bandages all over tightly to hold it togehter. I made a strap so I could put it around my body. I also painted the spear head with metallic paint to make it look metal and I added some feather for a final little touch to give it a little variety at the tips.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me about the cosplay, I'll be glad to help.

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