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If You Were A Kid Again... the Geek Mash Christmas List

I was walking past some kids the other day, and heard what they wanted for Christmas. They had a limit on money, and this made me think about what it was like being a kid again and not working for the things I would like to buy.

So I thought I would ask the rest of the Geek Mash crew; if you were a kid again and only had £100 for Christmas, what would you want?


1. £100 limit. You can't go over the budget!

2. Games or movies wise has to be anything released from August to Christmas as a lot of kids would want the current things released.

3. No saying "oh I would wait for a sale", as your parents would likely get new from the store. 

4. Give reasons for why you chose your items.


1. Final Fantasy 15 £40

I chose Final Fantasy as I love the series but not only that they are very long games, plus we have been told the new game will be hundreds of hours long and likely have good replay value. Been so excited for this game since it was announced many years ago for the PS3 but finally it is getting released this year, just hope it turns out to be amazing game. 

Im hoping it will have me hooked into the story straight away and have lovable characters, so far played the demo and i enjoyed what I played, as long as its more of that with a deeper and awesome story, then I will be hooked to do the story and all the side missions. 

2. Battlefield 1 £40

I thought of choosing The Last Guardian, but then that game won't be too long so thought I would choose something what will last me many hours to come as when you're a kid you got to get games to last months likely till your birthday, 

Battlefield 1 will have good lengthy single player campaign but not only that, it will have multiplayer which will last me as long as I want as well as giving me huge replay value. 

I love the series and in the past i have played them for many hours giving me loads awesome moments with friends. Star Wars Battlefront disappointed me last year so here is hoping this newest game feels more solid. Battlefield Bad Company 2 still is my favourite in the series so here is hoping it lives up to that game or even surpasses it. 

3. Lego Star Wars £20

As I wouldn't have much left, I would likely ask for a cheap Lego Star Wars set to play with and to put with the rest of my lego to play with. It wouldn't be the biggest set, but it'll have a couple of cool Minifigs, and a small vehicle that would keep me happy for hours like when I was a kid.



As a kid i fell in love with both Road Rash and Road Rash 2, racing against other bikers as i punched kicked and on the odd occasion baseball batted my way to victory this game looks like it would satisfy that desire to get back on the motorcycle and cause some mayhem! and my inner 12 year old agrees


Even though I love the lore of Eve its pacing and play style have always been a major turn off but Eve Valkyrie turns that all around! With a seat in a snub fighter and some super high paced VR action I am massively excited to finally get a chance to zip around and have an awesome time with this game, Squadron 42 was going to have this spot on the list but with the game getting delayed (CURSES!) it seems very unlikely it will arrive this side of new years so Valkyrie gets the spot of single player space sim for Christmas!

With these two games i would be left with £10 which I would use to get...


I wouldn't get a lot but expanding my RPG collection anyway I can would definitely be on the list of things to get and would keep me happy in front of the tree Christmas morning.


Dishonored 2 £44

I really enjoyed the first Dishonored and replayed the "Definitive Edition" a few months ago which was an excellent blast from the (slightly more recent) past. I'm looking forward to seeing how they have improved on the original. I like the idea of having two playable characters as it sounds you will need to play through the game at least twice to get the full experience – which is something that appeals to me a lot.

Titanfall 2 £42

These days I find it difficult enough to think of things I want to buy myself let alone ask for as Christmas presents! This is why my second pick is Titanfall 2. I never played the original Titanfall but I played the Titanfall 2 beta that was held recently and I very much enjoyed it. I'd really like to see how the team has built on top of that foundation in the final game. The additional Titans and maps should make it an interesting game to play especially around Christmas when everyone if on holiday from school and work. I think this appeals to me more than games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield 1 because of the scifi theme and the additional depth that the movement gives the game.

PSN Credit £10

Fianlly, a really boring choice to bring the cost up to around £100. However, I've chosen this because I've been playing a lot of Neverwinter (the free to play mmo) recently with my friends. So, an extra £10 of credit towards that would allow me to splash out a little and treat one or two of my characters. I might also be tempted to spend a few PSN quids on Overwatch crates if there's a Christmas event with good skins – but don't tell anyone I admitted that.


Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray £20

I freaking love Transformers the Movie, I waffle on just about how much I like it HERE, plus this IS actually on my Christmas list for this year

So this will be the fifth time I'll be getting it after the VHS, 2004 UK DVD, UMD for the Playstation Portable and the "Ultimate" Edition

It's a 30th Anniversary with tons of new features plus it has been incredibly cleaned up and looks much crisper than the original VHS and DVD transfers

I just cant wait to sit down and experience this film again, in fact I'm gonna watch it now 

Lego £25

Couple of small sets, I'm not fussy when it comes to Lego. So long as it comes with some mini figs I'll be as happy as a kid at Christmas...oh wait

Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack £55

Imaginators is the 6th game in the Activision "Toys to life" series. The figures are placed on "The Portal of Power" that you attach to your gaming system of choice and appear in your game to play as and level up to become more powerful by teaching it more moves, and eventually having to choose between two eventual paths of power ups. 

Now I'm a huge fan of the series and would freaking love it even more as a kid but ...this shit is expensive, even as an adult I'm reluctant to get any of the newer stuff which is why most of my collection is on the 2nd hand market, from places like CEX, GAME's preowned section or Amazon. If the figure has been levelled up by someone else I can easily reset it in game, regardless of where I bought it from which leads me to talk about one of the MAJOR Problems with the new series

The gimmick for each game has changed, starting off with just the basic figures then going on to Giant ones, swapping the tops and bottoms with added movement types, trapping enemies and riding vehicles. In this latest iteration you can now design your own Skylanders with these things called Creation Crystals which come in 10 elemental flavours (Air, Water, Life, Magic, Tech, Earth, Life, Undead and the later games introduced Dark and Light)

When you pop your creation crystal on the Portal of Power you are asked to pick a fighting style out of a choice of 10 and once you pick that YOU CANNOT RECHOOSE. It is forever hardlocked into that particular toy, you cannot reset it EVER.


But why is this important?

Well originally you needed one of each type of element to see the whole of the game, and every iteration since then has upped the ante with how many figures you've had to buy if you wanted to see 100% of the games. Swap Force you needed a combination of all the different elements, but not all of the movement types had each element so you had to buy either extra elements you already had, or extra movements you already had. Trap Team you needed 1 of each element type,  Superchargers locked away levels by Car, aeroplane or boats and then there were levels locked behind specific element types of those vehicles, in addition to that you needed a specific character to a specific vehicle to unlock all of its abilities and a customisation option

Presumably Imaginators would need you to have 10 of each crystal Element type to 10 of each battle type. Thats 100 items right there only if you pick the correct thing in the first place

I mean with all of these you COULD complete the games without all that, but you'll be missing out on a ton of content, especially with the Supercharger games

But what I'm thinking about is all the people not in on the latest Skylander news, the people that are just buying the game to buy a loved one 

I imagine these three scenarios happening around the world for every excited Skylander fan come Christmas Day

1. Little Timmy's parents stay up, trying to get their kid to sleep but he is too excited. Eventually around 1am he FINALLY gets to sleep and the parents can get to work on putting out his new toys, and Skylanders is one of them. Rather than letting their kid open up the boring packaging they set up the toys and think, oh I'll just create a temporary figure for Lil Tim and I'll show him how to create one in the morning, he's gonna love it. Kid wakes up all excited and goes to play Skylanders and his parent goes to create the new figure but isnt given the choice to choose a fighting style. Timmy's Dad thinks that the toy is broken so has to go to the shop they originally bought it from but has to work on Boxing day as his boss has only given him Christmas Day off and threatens the unemployment line if he doesnt come in. Eventually they try to return it but the employees where they bought it explain the situation to them and the hard up family have wasted their money


2. Little Timmy opens up the box on his own and his parents have been kind enough to buy him a few extra expansion packs and creation crystals. His sister Belinda wants to play too and goes to set them up whilst Timmy is helping his Mother cook the Christmas Goose but gets too exhausted, and comes back to his sister choosing fighting styles for him already, ones which Lil Tim didnt want to choose, but he doesnt argue as his leg is hurting too much and is too exhausted to argue


3. Tim brings his new games upstairs after a long old day spent with family and settles down to start the latest series in his favourite games. He chooses the wrong fighting style so tries to choose again but cant understand what is wrong. He rushes to tell his Dad but due to the over stimulation and trying to carry his figures whilst walking on crutches he falls down the stairs and breaks his neck killing himself



But it's better that he did, to decrease the surplus population and leave more Creation Crystals for the rest of us


1. Snow White Animator Doll £17.00
I love the Disney Animator dolls! I already have the Ariel and Aurora ones, and the Snow White doll was the one I wanted next. It's really cute.

If this was little Kayleigh choosing, I'd absolutely be over the moon if my parents bought me one of these for Christmas. I know I'd be taking her around everywhere.

2. Skyrim Remastered, Xbox One £33
Skyrim is one of my favourite games of all time, let alone it being one of the best RPG's I've ever played. It's a massive time-sink, due to the huge amount of exploration available. 

I played it on the Xbox 360, but I want to play it again now it's getting a remastered re-release! I doubt I would've been good at this as a kid, but I would have loved the fantasy element and the exploration.

3. Toy Story Vans - Bo Peep £50
I love the Disney Vans! I have the Minnie Mouse pair (as well as the Nintendo Peach pair), but I'm loving the new Toy Story collection. I'd definitely wear the Bo Peep pair. They're cute and colourful!

I realised that I could've filled my list with Disney merch. I can't seem to get enough of it, it seems.

What would YOU like for Christmas? 
Let us know in the comments section below!

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