Friday, 4 November 2016

Shu - Game Review

I had the opportunity to check out Shu recently at the London MCM Comic Con


Released on – PS4, PC (Via steam)

Version reviewed – PS4
Other versions - PS Vita coming soon with cross-play
Install size - 3gb
Price - £9.49 / $11.99 / €11.99

Coatsink was founded at the end of 2009 by Tom Beardsmore and Paul Crabb. Since then the team has grown into a passionate and talented game development team of 34 + individuals, working on games for PC, VR platforms, console and mobile.

Shu is their new hand-drawn and carefully crafted platformer that launched digitally on October 4th, 2016.

The game will also be launched on PS Vita in Q4 2016, and will support Playstation’s cross buy feature.

Coat Sink were kind enough to supply me with a review copy so I could delve into it properly at home. So, lets dive right in!


When you start the game, the story starts through its wonderful 2.5D animated artwork, with the backgorund in 3D and the actual characters in beautifully 2D animated artwork.

The town elder tells Shu through the wonderful artwork that the town is UNDER ATTACK by a sentient sea storm.

The rest of the villagers are blown away and it is up to you to go and rescue them


Shu starts you off with some simple gameplay mechanics.

You can jump with X to get from platform to platform and glide with R1 where Shu holds out his wings and you can slowly fall or catch onto air currents throughout.

So far, pretty standard...

But what Shu does so wonderfully is conveyed when you find your fellow villagers.

They each add something new to the gameplay, with the villager Joro letting you jump in the air and then buttslam, Chom opens and closes flowers by singing out a little tune, and so on.

Some of the platform sections are fiendishly difficult, but don't worry, with each checkpoint, your 5 lives are refreshed so you can carry on gaming. You have the counter in the corner but also the checkpoint features a tree of bells, with each life lost having another bell fall off the tree.

The game mixes things up even further when you'll be merrily jumping between platforms and a giant RUN appears on the screen.

The sea storm has found you and starts to chase you.

In the early game, these sections start off as a mild panic, but later on...hoo boy... I was putting my platforming skills to the absolute limit!

After that, you wave the villagers goodbye and get to play the rest of the level.

It lets you really appreciate the extra abilities that they bring along.


The graphics are 2D and hand animated which really adds to the aesthetic of the whole thing and the characters are very memorable. I was having so much fun seeing what villager I would come across next.

The sound effects are also great with little effects and noises coming from the villagers for the different powers, and they are actually all voiced by people in the office which the guys told me at MCM when I chatted to them. :D

Lasting appeal

The levels are really quite short but I had SOOO much fun playing them, so I really didn't mind.

To add to the replayability each level has 6 little chicks to pickup, with some being simple pickups, to others being put in really fiendishly difficult places when you have to run away from the Sea Storm.

There is one hidden totem to find in each level too, plus you have the butterfly count at the end which is scored out of 3.

When you complete a level you can also jump back in immediately to a time score mode so you can keep practising a level and chipping away at your best times whilst checking against the online and your friends scoreboard.  

Final verdict

If you in any way enjoy your platform games then this is essential.

It's so easy to pick up and play, and there is tons of replayability to it.

Yes it is short, but you'll have a permanently fixed grin on your face throughout the whole thing.

I wholeheartedy recommend this game so go buy it people!

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