Friday, 17 February 2017

Feature Friday #20 - Katy Irons Is Ulylla Designs

What got you into art?
Growing up in a creative family of artists and designers, it has always been a fascination to me! Although Secondary School was a struggle, I still managed to get into college and do an BTEC 1st Diploma in Art & Design! Plans changed through the year and I ended up studying Graphic Design for 5 years and graduated with a BA in 2015.
Ulylla Designs actually happened whilst in my Graphics studies, one day, using an old sketchbook, I started doodling 'tribal' shapes but wanted to avoid the block colours and so instead, I used a biro and created a gradient!
Who is your favourite character to draw?
That's a really tough one! In the past few years, my favourite is probably Predator Knuckles, only because I had a lot of fun with the dreadlocks. Spyro: The Dragon too, because after all, that dragon was what started my Steampunk and then Cyberpunk themed drawings.
What do you hate drawing?
A lot of other artists who enjoy producing work that is realistic, but I definitely prefer being more original with abstract work, creating something that is out of the ordinary.
Favourite artists?
Right now, I have two favourite artists! Christopher Lovell due to the amazing detail he puts into his work, incredibly inspiring images and his work ethic is very motivational! The other is Katy Jade Dobson and her oil paintings. Although very delicate work with the bright use of colours and the theme of gentle and loving animals, her work has a sense of grunge with noticeable brush strokes, this definitely adds a unique touch.

What mediums do you use?
Quite a lot of the time, people mistaken my work for being digital, when actually, it's all traditional! I use pencil, colour pencil, fine liners and the main ingredient to produce the metallic gradient, biro!
When you're drawing, what do you put on in the background?
It depends on my mood and how immersed I am into the piece I'm working on. Sometimes I have a TV show on that just plays episode after episode, something I've watched before so I'm not overly distracted. Other times, I put on ambient music on YouTube, those playlists that last hours, game soundtracks, heroic and emotional music.
What's your greatest achievement?
I'll be honest and say I haven't really had my 'big break' yet, I get commissions, requests and it is an amazing feeling when that happens, as it means people appreciate what I do. I guess my greatest achievement is that over the years, I've developed an art style that a lot of people say is very unique, something that is considered as 'different'.
Ulylla Designs started from the odd tattoo design, very bad doodles and now... I have made a name for myself, it's quite surreal at times and but that's what happens when you work hard.
So, I guess, that is my greatest achievement.
What would you say to any aspiring artists?
Practice, practice, practice and just go for it! 
Honestly, if it's something you want to try, then do it. But whatever you do as it is a bad habit that we all have in most aspects in life, don't compare yourself to others that are higher up in their accomplishments because they were once you, they came out of nothing and it's quite incredible to think, that could be you one day.
It's all about hard work, determination and commitment.
Do you have any projects lined up?
I always do whether it's a commission or self-initiated (for fun) piece!
I actually have a Warhammer inspired piece and then a full sleeve tattoo design.
Right now, I'm working on an art piece inspired by the massively popular video game, Fallout 4!
Marvel or DC?
Not the biggest comic fan if I'm honest but I do appreciate them as franchises! I've played some of the Spider-Man and Batman video games and seen some of the films which I find really awesome.
Chocolate or vanilla?
I like both, but definitely chocolate for me!
Captain America or Iron Man?
I can't really choose as I haven't seen enough of the movies or read the comics to give a good judgement, unfortunately! I'm sorry, haha.
Finally, if you could take any character and draw them in a new comic, who would it be and who would you choose to write it?
Honestly? Probably Daenerys Targaryen because quite frankly, she is freaking awesome! Also intelligent, has a heart of gold, incredibly beautiful and she's the Mother of Dragons. Who would I choose to write it? My boyfriend, no joke, he has an incredible knowledge of the franchise and amazing writing skills, him... or Stan Lee, either would be amazing.

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