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SNes Mini: What Should Be On It?

Nintendo recently stopped production of the Nes Classic Mini (a silly decision, considering demand was still high), but now it seems that the cry for a SNes Mini *may* be answered soon enough if the rumours are true. 

The Geek Mash crew all love a bit of SNes. It contained some truly classic games, and many of us have fond memories of playing it. For me, the SNes was my first proper foray into gaming, after playing around on my parents GameBoy. The family watched my dad complete games, and me and my brother spent countless hours passing the controller back and fourth to complete Mario Kart levels, faff about on Mario Paint, and kick King K Rool's arse in Donkey Kong. 

So, if the rumours are true - what games should we have on this system? I'm sure plenty of you have your own ideas, but here's a list with my own suggestions! So, in no particular order...

Super Mario Kart

The original in the long and successful racing game series, Super Mario Kart introduced us to the zany, fun, and sometimes rage inducing (looking at you, Rainbow Road) racing gameplay. The Battle Mode was so fun, especially if you played it with a mate, and it paved way for a series that fans are still fondly playing, all these years later.

Mario Paint

This one probably won't happen as it used the SNes mouse and mouse-mat perhiperal, but I loved Mario Paint and would love it to come back! I loved the gnat-swatting mini game which both made me giggle and creep me out in equal measures as a kid, but I also loved being creative by colouring in Mario pictures, creating my own landscapes and animations, and composing messy melodies in the music maker. Who else still remembers the music, too?

A Link to the Past

Whilst a Mario game is a given, a Zelda game has to be too, really. Breath of the Wild has revived people's excitement for the series, but we still find ourselves harking back to that old classic - A Link to the Past. It has to make an appearance! Fail moment: I never finished it. This should be the time that I do.

Super Metroid

Geek Mash's Brad's favourite game (he's written about it a few times here!), I'm sure plenty of Metroid fans would be pleased to revisit this classic on the miniature system. It might even get people talking about Metroid again, as we all know Nintendo are due another....

Chrono Trigger

Hailed as one of the best RPG's of all time, it'll do it a disservice to not be on the list. Fans can sink their teeth into this, while newbies will get to experience it in it's original form - on a retro system with that lovely SNes controller.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong swung his way onto the SNes to great applause. Previously known as being the angry ape who abducted Paulina (or was that his grandad? Or Kranky Kong? I never really worked out the family history!), Donkey Kong went on to become something of a banana-loving hero. This is one of the finest platformers available on the system! Which leads me to...

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest 

The sequel was just as great as the first! Playing as Diddy Kong and his ponytailed girlfriend, Dixie, DK2 was a fantastic platforming game, full of memorable levels and catchy music. It was also a perfect multiplayer, and deserves a slot on the system.

Super Mario World 

We need a Mario platformer on this list, and Super Mario World definitely needs to be there! Arguably one of the best Mario platformers to date (I vouch for that), the level design was excellent, it held a lot of charm, and the music is still so so memorable.


Fans are still begging for a new one, but at least the SNes Mini will allow players to discover this classic racing game once more. It's a little tricky (as plenty of old games are), but worth giving a shot.

Aladdin & The Lion King

OK, these ones probably won't make it on here (although I'd be over the moon if they were!), but both the Aladdin and The Lion King games were absolutely brilliant. They retained the spirit, style of the Disney films, but they also added their own spin with enjoyable, and sometimes rather challenging, platformer levels. 

Earthworm Jim

Groooooovy! Who doesn't like Earthworm Jim? This platforming classic would be right at home on the SNes Mini, if it ever got chosen. Voiced by The Simpson's Dan Castellenta, Earthworm Jim is loved for being a witty, comical worm in an oversized space suit. The levels were somewhat tricky at times, but they're incredibly fun to play - and very funny, too. 

Zombies Ate My Neighbours

If b-movies and horrors are your thing, then you should check out Zombies Ate My Neighbours. This side-scrolling platformer puts you in the shoes of a kid who battles zombies, werewolves, vampires and other classic horror villains around his neighbourhood. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: 
Turtles In Time 

This classic Ninja Turtles multiplayer would be right at home among the plethora of classic platformers already on this list. It's a lot of fun, and a memorable, faithful adaptation for these pizza-loving, sewer dwelling dudes. Cowabunga!

Street Fighter Alpha 2

This list was in need of a fighting game among it's neverending platformers, and Street Fighter 2 is the perfect choice. Considered one of the best fighting games in the series, Street Fighter 2 offers a fantastic fighting game across memorable stages with the ever-popular roster of characters.


Time for a flying game! Pilotwings allowed you to fly around in planes, jet packs, paragliders and more in a series of challenges. This was re-released some time ago on the 3DS, but it'll be nice to have it included in it's retro form, too.


Ah, Lemmings. The game that made you love and hate those little fellas at the same damn time. The aim is to guide the Lemmings across a trecherous course to the finish line, without getting them killed. Of course, many of them do, and you feel like an awful person, but then there's the odd one that goes the wrong way and ruins it for the lot of them. It's tricky, but addictive fun. 

Mario All Stars 

Yeah, we already have a Mario platformer on this list, but this collection bundled Super Mario 2 and Super Mario 3 in a collection. They also allow you to play multiplayer which is perfect, and they're some of the best Mario games you could play!


Innovative and unique, Earthbound has since remained a cult favourite, making it into plenty of the "top RPGs of all time" lists. 

Super Castlevania IV 

Geek Mash's Jason would be disappointed if I didn't put this one on the list, so here you go Jason - it's made it! Castlevania IV boasted better graphics than the previous instalments, and a catchy 16-bit soundtrack. 

Final Fantasy VI (or III)

Held as the best Final Fantasy game in the series, Final Fantasy VI had one of the best villains in the series. Incredibly memorable and well loved, this is a great opportunity for fans of the newer games to delve into the retro's that made this series where it is today.

Super Mario RPG

Time to add another RPG to this list, and another worthy one, too! Super Mario RPG is one of the Mario greats, offering a longer grinding RPG for fans to sink their teeth into.

What would you have on the SNes Mini? 
Let us know in the comments!

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  1. A fine list there! to which I would maybe just add three more...

    Actraiser for the platform/world building mashup
    Super Axelay and Super Aleste for the necessary shoot'em up antics


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