Sunday, 28 May 2017

Everybodys Golf (PS4) Beta impressions.

Oh hai, Jason here.

So last week I got a delightful little gift from Playstation of a beta code for one of Sony's more unloved exclusive franchises, Everybodys Golf. Golf games tend to be an odd little sub genre of sports as they usually play more akin to a simplified rhythm action game than a sports game. Personally I have strangely fond memories of an old Actua golf 2 demo that I played far too much. So lets see if this little beta can convince me to maybe possibly start considering to maybe buy Everybodys golf....possibly.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Strange and Mysterious Places - Costa Rica

One of the things that people know about me (outside of my inability to stick to deadlines and make wildly unsubstantiated claims while drunk) is I love to travel, be it some of the glorious European cities to the jungles of south America and every place I go to inspires the adventures I design, so I figured I would write a series of pieces on adventure concepts inspired by the places I have traveled to. 

I will give a fantasy, science fiction and a horror scenario based on the same place, remember these are not complete adventures just the base concepts to get your minds working towards creating your own story. 


Last year I went on a hiking holiday through Costa Rica and had an amazing time the deep tropical rainforests, turtle sanctuaries and winding rivers all full of amazing and exotic animals filled my head with so many plot ideas that I spent many evenings just tapping away in creative nirvana. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Strange and mysterious places-Cyclades islands

STRANGE AND MYSTERIOUS PLACES One of the things that people know about me (outside of my inability to stick to deadline’s and make wildly unsubstantiated claims while drunk) is I love to travel, be it some of the glorious European cities to the jungles of south America and every place I go to inspires the adventures I design, so I figured I would write a series of pieces on adventure concepts inspired by the places I have travelled to. I will give a fantasy, science fiction and a horror scenario based on the same place that you can hopefully use to improve your RPG game, remember these are not complete adventures just base concepts to help get your minds working towards creating your own story.
 The Cyclades Islands

 A few years ago I went travelling around the Greek Cyclades islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Ios and had a fantastic time! The islands are bound together by a shared country but each one has its own unique differences, environmental as well as the mentality of the place. Horror The idea of scattered islands with the mystery and the potential terror of the sea between them is the perfect place for a horror adventure.

The Greek Triangle Ships have been vanishing between the islands Santorini and Mykonos at night and naturally the players have decided to investigate this intriguing mystery.
1-Children of the Ocean A small rock of an island hidden in the mists is the home to a twisted people who have developed fish like features and a taste for human flesh when they see boats travelling through at night they quietly swarm onto the boat and snatch everyone on board (the empty ship then carries on to be picked up by the lifeguard many miles later) those that are lucky are quickly killed and eaten the unfortunate ones are sacrificed slowly to their fishy god (one organ at a time!). Can the heroes uncover what is going on and maybe rescue a few of the survivors before they are all killed? 2-The Beast that Hungers Recent deep ocean volcanic activity has awoken an ancient creature, this monster drives ships against the rocks of a small island and then its tentacles that have infested the cracks and small holes, snatching folks one at a time as they try to survive on the island. Can the heroes survive long enough to signal for help or turn the tables on this impossible creature.

In a fantasy setting each island could each hold a town or city that are independent from one another but are bound together through treatise and trade agreements, This could lead to all manner of skulduggery and espionage as dark forces attempt to breakup these precarious alliances.
1-Mages Revenge! A dark mage was driven from his home when folks discovered his evil experiments, left with nothing he has quietly plotted his revenge. Now he is planning on kickstarting a war between two of the islands sending his minions to attack trade ships and leaving tatters of the islands soldiers uniforms as well as a few signature arrows. With war looming a desperate lord begs the heroes to find out what is going on before many lives are lost in a senseless war.
2-Conquest! One of the islands has genuine plans for conquest of its neighbours, with spies quietly infiltrating the other islands nobility and stealthy ships slowly drawing towards the beaches to attack from surprise. The heroes hear a conversation that they shouldn’t have between a spy and his contact, can they work out what is going on before the enemy army lands and they are stuck in a vicious battle?.

 Science Fiction
 The scattered islands of the Cyclades could easily be converted into a system of planets, each naturally suited for life or terraformed or simply having domed environmental cities to maintain the local populace as well as floating space stations and asteroid bases, such an area could maintain an entire campaign of adventures!
 1-Indigenous Rage A corporation has taken over a rocky moon and begun a mining operation this has caused the subterranean silicon based life to rise up, the damage the mining has caused is considerable and the moons inhabitants have blamed all humans in the system and want revenge. They have taken the mining equipment and made some major modifications to create a magnetic cannon designed to fire asteroids at the local planets, with a massive magnetic field growing on the moon the heroes are sent to find out what is going on, can they stop cannon firing and convince the indigenous inhabitants to make peace?
 2-Pirates! The trade lines between the planets has been taken advantage of by a group of dangerous pirates, the outlying planet is currently being ravaged by a terrible disease and with all attempts to get medicine to it failing (thanks to the pirates) the contract has gone out to freelancers like the heroes! The Party must breach the blockade without losing the cargo, the things we do for money!

Farpoint is the VR game I have been waiting for since I was a kid, deeply immersive with a fun story.
In Farpoint you play a pilot who has crashed landed on a strange new world and you are looking to regroup with a pair of scientists and find a way home sounds simple right?

So, first things first let us take a look at the games graphics, to be honest they are nothing to write
home about but they aren’t awful either the facial animations are well done and I am glad to see that
the people in the game feel normal sized (so often with VR games I feel like a midget surrounded by
huge people) the visuals you get when you look out across the strange alien world are normally very 
pretty and the creatures you encounter at the start actually gave me a bit of the creeps, although I 
have to say some of the battlefields you fight on feel a little sparse and could have done with some
 colour or at least a feel more interesting looking rocks!.
 But considering the hard work the PS4 has to do to process VR images I have to say they did a great
 job here.
The story is a bit cheesy to be honest but the excellent voice acting pulls you through that
 and actually made me care about the other characters in the story, I enjoyed listening to the banter
 they had with one another and the whole thing enhanced the fun I had with this title.
Gameplay,well without this the whole thing is a dud right? Well the FPS mechanics here are solid,
 The PS aim controller feels good and is suitably accurate enough to precisely aim and pop of a target
 with my sniper rifle and all the control buttons are within easy reach so I don’t have any trouble 
moving about combined with the VR allowing me to blind fire around corners/walls and dodge
 enemy fire, to be perfectly honest I am not a particularly good FPS player and some of the areas I 
really struggled with but I found the challenge exhilarating and found my skills improve with each 
death. The initial few levels feel like the game is letting me get used to the mechanics throwing the 
same enemies at me again and again but once you clear those the levels really open up and I found 
the variety of enemies expand suitably. The weapons in the game all feel good and meaty and I often 
found myself with a big grin on my face as I mowed down swarms of enemies with my assault rifle
 the rumble of the gun really making me feel like I was Rambo.
I know this is a short review but I really do not want to spoil anything for you

All in all I think this is a must for any PSVR owners and I am so glad I managed to get my hands on 
copy today, whatever you do get the Aim controller with it I know it’s more expensive but I 
couldn’t imagine playing this game with anything else and I am really looking forward to playing 
more titles with it.    

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Everything Review

Oh hai, Jason here.

Everything is not going to be an easy game to explain to you the good reader of Geekmash. Indeed calling it a game may be a little on the generous side as its really more of a toy in many ways, a plaything for you to fiddle about with and see what you can do and find within it's quirky world. I suppose the best way to go about things is to start from the very beginning of Everything's creator, David O'Reilly's world.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

What remain's of Edith Finch review

A series of unfortunate rooms.

I'm going to start this review by discussing a different game, former critical darling, Gone Home. To be honest I hated Gone Home. Like many I invested my cash in it purely due to the high praise from critics and at first thought I was playing a horror game due to the darkness and thunder storm outside. I wandered round a mundane house as occasional bits of dialogue were recited to me about two characters coming to terms with their respective sexualities. The fact that Gone Home was dealing with sexuality seemed to be 99% of the justification of all the praise it received, and while games should deal with such issues, that allow doth not a good game maketh.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ten of the best free PS4 themes for your enjoyment.

Oh hai, Jason here.

Well hello there dear reader. What are you up to? Some of you may be playing your fine PlayStation 4, or considering playing it sometime in the not too distant future. But when you turn your PlayStation on, and view that slightly drab screen with that little blue flowing liquidy stream that may remind you of that liquid they pour on feminine hygiene products in adverts....don't you wish for something more scintillating? But the theme section on the PlayStation store wants you to spend money on you could be spending on a topic bar or a packet of Frazzles. There are a selection of free themes....but they're all drab and dull right? WRONG!

Good news, I'm here to guide you through ten of the more delightful free themes for your shiny friend.

Monday, 1 May 2017

My top 5.....Gameboy games.

Oh hai, Jason here.

Its been a while to say the least but I have finally returned to you all. Once upon a time, in the good old days when we all enjoy Obama being cool and Cameron being overly fond of creatures with curly tails I wrote a blog called my top 5.....Amstrad 464 games. At the time I promised to write top five lists for all the consoles I've owned and I'm a man of my word, so it's on to the bold new plains of the next console type thingy, the Grandaddy of handhelds, the one and only, Gameboy. Also I'll be instigating a one game per franchise rule...otherwise the list will be two thirds mario land games and that would be dull. So onwards with my top 5 gameboy games.

1. Warioland: Super Mario Land 3

Bet this isn't the Mario Land game you were expecting (yes it is a Mario Land game). The debut of Marios other, less princess obsessed, nemesis is a cracking platformer that expands on many of the new concepts that Mario Land 2 brought to the handheld series, including new costumes such as a Bull hat that allowed Wario to charge through walls and stick to the ceiling, a Jet hat, for flying...obv, and a Dragon hat for all your roasting needs.

The game had also gained a map screen that altered over time as events in the game changed the world, such as a lake emptying which in turn caused the sea to rise. There were also large amounts of secrets such as several secret stages and a whole secret level that you could easily miss altogether as well as hidden treasures galore. Ah yes the see Warios aim is to get as much money as he can from the pirates hes going up against, but when you initially finish the game you'd likely find your total coins can only buy you a itty bitty house....these treasures will get you closer and closer to the grand castle that Wario wants.

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