Sunday, 28 May 2017

Everybodys Golf (PS4) Beta impressions.

Oh hai, Jason here.

So last week I got a delightful little gift from Playstation of a beta code for one of Sony's more unloved exclusive franchises, Everybodys Golf. Golf games tend to be an odd little sub genre of sports as they usually play more akin to a simplified rhythm action game than a sports game. Personally I have strangely fond memories of an old Actua golf 2 demo that I played far too much. So lets see if this little beta can convince me to maybe possibly start considering to maybe buy Everybodys golf....possibly.

The first thing to note is how bright and vibrant the game looks, everything feels so cheerful and full of life, in all honest its a breath of fresh air. You start off creating your character with a relatively robust system before getting a very simple tutorial on Golf island which acts as a hub for the game proper but serves little purpose here. There's only one course available in the beta which is presented in an open world style with your character being allowed to wander around the course at will and even pick up a few coins and bonus items. Nothing revolutionary but it adds to the vibe of the game. From there you can play any hole to play on its own or head for hole one and play all nine. Theres also one additional mode, turf wars, in which two teams run around and try and get the best score for a random selection of holes. Thus was fun but a bit chaotic and I didn't feel like I was having much impact on my teams outcome no matter how well I was doing.

Control wise, Everybodys golf uses the traditional three tap meter system rather than the more recent analogue stick swing system. This is a smart choice as its both easier to grasp for newcomers and frankly...just works better. Other than that everything works much the same as most other golf games other than the fact that other players are also playing around you....which isn't as distracting as you would assume. I was pleasantly surprised by Everybodys golf, while not revolutionary when it comes to controls, the presentation is fantastically inviting and I personally enjoy it enough that...yeah I may well get myself a copy. If you love golf games its essential but it also has a fair bit to lure in the more casual or sports hating crowd, so well done to Sony and the team at Clap handz.

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