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My top 5.....Gameboy games.

Oh hai, Jason here.

Its been a while to say the least but I have finally returned to you all. Once upon a time, in the good old days when we all enjoy Obama being cool and Cameron being overly fond of creatures with curly tails I wrote a blog called my top 5.....Amstrad 464 games. At the time I promised to write top five lists for all the consoles I've owned and I'm a man of my word, so it's on to the bold new plains of the next console type thingy, the Grandaddy of handhelds, the one and only, Gameboy. Also I'll be instigating a one game per franchise rule...otherwise the list will be two thirds mario land games and that would be dull. So onwards with my top 5 gameboy games.

1. Warioland: Super Mario Land 3

Bet this isn't the Mario Land game you were expecting (yes it is a Mario Land game). The debut of Marios other, less princess obsessed, nemesis is a cracking platformer that expands on many of the new concepts that Mario Land 2 brought to the handheld series, including new costumes such as a Bull hat that allowed Wario to charge through walls and stick to the ceiling, a Jet hat, for flying...obv, and a Dragon hat for all your roasting needs.

The game had also gained a map screen that altered over time as events in the game changed the world, such as a lake emptying which in turn caused the sea to rise. There were also large amounts of secrets such as several secret stages and a whole secret level that you could easily miss altogether as well as hidden treasures galore. Ah yes the see Warios aim is to get as much money as he can from the pirates hes going up against, but when you initially finish the game you'd likely find your total coins can only buy you a itty bitty house....these treasures will get you closer and closer to the grand castle that Wario wants.

2. Pokemon Blue

The Pokemon series might just be the contender for king of handheld franchises, if only because the series has stuck to its guns and stayed firmly on handhelds. The simple tale of a boy who adopts either a turtle with a curly poo stuck to its bum, an extremely dangerous fire breathing lizard or a dinosaur with a dangerous fungal infection on its back and then wanders the land on his own fighting both other dangerous creatures and a terrorist group called Team Rocket has become a classic.

The pokemon games have always had the unique gimmick of releasing two version with each new interpretation, with each version having its own differences requiring you to link up with a friend who had the other version if you really wanted to complete your pokedex. I have fond memories of playing this in sixth form, skipping classes to try and evolve my Squirtle....which led to me failing my A levels, but hey at least I got all my gym badges.....sob

3. Tetris

Well lets be honest, this was inevitable. Included with the Gamboy, there has been no better partnership than the worlds favourite greyish white brick and Tetris. The legendary Russian building block puzzler is the backbone of all puzzle games since yet is still arguably the best. Thing is...theres not much to say other than its Russian and its great. Although it does remind you of the glory days of videogames where consoles came with a game included...something even Nintendo has given up on alas.

4. Beetlejuice

Now we're getting down to the odd stuff (since this list is based purely off games I owned). Beetlejuice is a hard game to describe in just a few paragraphs since it was a pretty varied game. Based off the obscure cartoon series, you start off inside Lydias house trying to get the ghosts to vacate the preemies. This is accomplished by going into the various rooms in the house varied. One room had you playing a button pressing minigame to win a funny face competition, another had a connect the pipes sliding puzzles, another had you shooting ghosts hidden in Landry. Variety was truly the spice of the undead life.

The second level had beetlejuice in Lydias attic trying to destroy two  different ghosts, three times each. One had to be trapped in  a chest and when shot by beetlejuice he would jump...turning the level into something of a puzzle. The second ghost could be sped up and had to be forced to fly into candles. Alas once you reached level four the game became incredibly difficult, but credit where credit is due, the creators mixed things up alot.

5. The incredible crash dummies.

I bet you're surprised at this choice, an obscure game based of a relatively obscure toy line. None the less I have fond memories of this quirky game, mostly because of similar reason as Beetlejuice above....variety. The crash dummies need money for reasons I can't recall, probably insurance fraud, so they take up stunt work...aka an excuse for five different level types that loop with increasing difficulty.

The first, and my personal favourite, involves plunging off a building. The one issue is that the player is expected to smack into as many things as possible, yet instinctively you'll assume the opposite as that's how games usually work. The second is a top down driving course where you simply have to get to the end without crashing...and then ironically crash into a wall. Next is the weakest level, the bomb factory, where you have to destroy everything accept the bombs...yet your instinct will assume the opposite. Next is a skiing level much like classic Amiga game, Horace goes skiing. Finally we have the toughest level where the player guides a rocket ship through a simple maze, fighting against gravity and crashing, reminding me a bit of that horrific section in earthworm Jim with the glass pods. The game was fun, but once you'd tried each level'd seen most of what it had to offer.

So my list of Gameboy games has come to an end, there were probably some games you loved....and some you've not even heard of, but hey it's my opinion....and I was limited by what I actually owned when I was eight years old. Next up will be the other Sega console...the master system II. The only issue being my brain can't even recall five games I owned for the system.....guess I'll need a think, lets just hope it doesn't require another year and a half!

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