Thursday, 25 May 2017

Strange and Mysterious Places - Costa Rica

One of the things that people know about me (outside of my inability to stick to deadlines and make wildly unsubstantiated claims while drunk) is I love to travel, be it some of the glorious European cities to the jungles of south America and every place I go to inspires the adventures I design, so I figured I would write a series of pieces on adventure concepts inspired by the places I have traveled to. 

I will give a fantasy, science fiction and a horror scenario based on the same place, remember these are not complete adventures just the base concepts to get your minds working towards creating your own story. 


Last year I went on a hiking holiday through Costa Rica and had an amazing time the deep tropical rainforests, turtle sanctuaries and winding rivers all full of amazing and exotic animals filled my head with so many plot ideas that I spent many evenings just tapping away in creative nirvana. 


When the sun sets in a rainforest it becomes a very different place and is the perfect place for a tale of horror.


A band of archaeologists are searching through the ruins of an ancient civilisation however when the sun sets there is a scream in the night and one of the team is found gutted and lying on an ancient altar. 

1 - The Beast of Fear 
An ancient being has slept in the ruins for hundreds of years, however at the presence of humans and the smell of their fear it has awoken, it now intends to slowly pick off the pack bringing each one to the height of terror before finishing them off, if people flee into the jungle it chases them down and tears them apart. The party have only one chance to stop the creature and that is to find a way to return it to its slumber (undoubtedly hidden somewhere in the ruins) 

2 - The Human Touch
A Tribe that has managed to stay outside of human contact spies upon the team defiling their holy ground, they intend to kill someone every night until they leave (whether they allow them to leave is another matter entirely!) with the human element added you could easily have someone else in the archaeology team start killing other people to appease the tribe (or to cover his own crime by blaming it on the tribe). 


Jungles always make me think of dinosaurs, lost temples and Indiana Jones adventures which makes them the perfect place for a tale of high fantasy and adventure!


The beasts of the jungle seem to have become possessed with a sudden and unquenchable rage for the people in the bordering town, the party are hired to seek out what is causing this and put a stop to it. 

1 - Wild Hatred 
A Druid fled time and time again from the encroachment of civilisation and now humanity has come to this jungle and he has decided no more! Hidden high up in the rainforest he has awoken a mighty spirit of the jungle and has convinced it to destroy the town. Will the heroes slay the awakened spirit or will they seek out the perpetrator? Or perhaps they will find a way to make peace between the druid and the people of the town. 

2 - Dark Corruption
The arrival of the town has caused a long dead priest of undeath to awaken, wielding foul and shadowy magic he has weaved an enchantment over the animals of the forests, the parties only hope to bring peace to the forest and the people is to seek out the long lost tomb of the priest and end him and his undead allies. 


With countless worlds out in the galaxy the games master is able to incorporate any kind of environment but the thick brush of the jungle allows you to maintain mystery in the unknown that more open environments would deny you.


The party while travelling past (or exploring the region) detects a strange transmission coming from a nearby planet that is covered in a thick jungle and so they move in to investigate. 

1 - Distress Call! 
The signal is coming from a crashed craft and the heroes after exploring the area become aware that the crew were snatched by the local tribes, can the heroes rescue the crew before they are eaten? 

2 - Ancient Tech
The signal is coming from an ancient looking pyramid in the heart of the jungle, within the depths of the pyramid a powerful piece of ancient tech has come online after centuries of inactivity and its power levels are growing, when it reaches critical power it could open a hole to another reality or create a new black hole, with a limited amount of time will the heroes shut the machine down before this area of space changes forever (if your feeling particularly evil the machine might also disable their craft)

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