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Strange and mysterious places-Cyclades islands

STRANGE AND MYSTERIOUS PLACES One of the things that people know about me (outside of my inability to stick to deadline’s and make wildly unsubstantiated claims while drunk) is I love to travel, be it some of the glorious European cities to the jungles of south America and every place I go to inspires the adventures I design, so I figured I would write a series of pieces on adventure concepts inspired by the places I have travelled to. I will give a fantasy, science fiction and a horror scenario based on the same place that you can hopefully use to improve your RPG game, remember these are not complete adventures just base concepts to help get your minds working towards creating your own story.
 The Cyclades Islands

 A few years ago I went travelling around the Greek Cyclades islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Ios and had a fantastic time! The islands are bound together by a shared country but each one has its own unique differences, environmental as well as the mentality of the place. Horror The idea of scattered islands with the mystery and the potential terror of the sea between them is the perfect place for a horror adventure.

The Greek Triangle Ships have been vanishing between the islands Santorini and Mykonos at night and naturally the players have decided to investigate this intriguing mystery.
1-Children of the Ocean A small rock of an island hidden in the mists is the home to a twisted people who have developed fish like features and a taste for human flesh when they see boats travelling through at night they quietly swarm onto the boat and snatch everyone on board (the empty ship then carries on to be picked up by the lifeguard many miles later) those that are lucky are quickly killed and eaten the unfortunate ones are sacrificed slowly to their fishy god (one organ at a time!). Can the heroes uncover what is going on and maybe rescue a few of the survivors before they are all killed? 2-The Beast that Hungers Recent deep ocean volcanic activity has awoken an ancient creature, this monster drives ships against the rocks of a small island and then its tentacles that have infested the cracks and small holes, snatching folks one at a time as they try to survive on the island. Can the heroes survive long enough to signal for help or turn the tables on this impossible creature.

In a fantasy setting each island could each hold a town or city that are independent from one another but are bound together through treatise and trade agreements, This could lead to all manner of skulduggery and espionage as dark forces attempt to breakup these precarious alliances.
1-Mages Revenge! A dark mage was driven from his home when folks discovered his evil experiments, left with nothing he has quietly plotted his revenge. Now he is planning on kickstarting a war between two of the islands sending his minions to attack trade ships and leaving tatters of the islands soldiers uniforms as well as a few signature arrows. With war looming a desperate lord begs the heroes to find out what is going on before many lives are lost in a senseless war.
2-Conquest! One of the islands has genuine plans for conquest of its neighbours, with spies quietly infiltrating the other islands nobility and stealthy ships slowly drawing towards the beaches to attack from surprise. The heroes hear a conversation that they shouldn’t have between a spy and his contact, can they work out what is going on before the enemy army lands and they are stuck in a vicious battle?.

 Science Fiction
 The scattered islands of the Cyclades could easily be converted into a system of planets, each naturally suited for life or terraformed or simply having domed environmental cities to maintain the local populace as well as floating space stations and asteroid bases, such an area could maintain an entire campaign of adventures!
 1-Indigenous Rage A corporation has taken over a rocky moon and begun a mining operation this has caused the subterranean silicon based life to rise up, the damage the mining has caused is considerable and the moons inhabitants have blamed all humans in the system and want revenge. They have taken the mining equipment and made some major modifications to create a magnetic cannon designed to fire asteroids at the local planets, with a massive magnetic field growing on the moon the heroes are sent to find out what is going on, can they stop cannon firing and convince the indigenous inhabitants to make peace?
 2-Pirates! The trade lines between the planets has been taken advantage of by a group of dangerous pirates, the outlying planet is currently being ravaged by a terrible disease and with all attempts to get medicine to it failing (thanks to the pirates) the contract has gone out to freelancers like the heroes! The Party must breach the blockade without losing the cargo, the things we do for money!

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